A woman who, in some societies, lives and has sex with a man she is not marriedto, and has a lower social rank than his wife or wives — КиберПедия 

Поперечные профили набережных и береговой полосы: На городских территориях берегоукрепление проектируют с учетом технических и экономических требований, но особое значение придают эстетическим...

Индивидуальные и групповые автопоилки: для животных. Схемы и конструкции...

A woman who, in some societies, lives and has sex with a man she is not marriedto, and has a lower social rank than his wife or wives

He had another son by a Greek concubine, whom he committed to the guardianship of a certain great admiral.

Esteem – эстИм

respect for or a good opinion of someone:

There has been a drop in public esteem for teachers.

Because of their achievements they were held in (= given) (high) esteem.

to respect someone or have a good opinion of them:

Her work is highly esteemed by all her colleagues.

[ + obj + noun/adj ] old-fashioned I would esteem (= consider) it a favour if you would accompany me.

Retort – ретОрт

to make a quick answer that is often amusing and sometimes expresses anger orannoyance:

When the telephone operator called him boy, he retorted, "That’s Mr. Boy to you!"

building situated amida maze of look-alikes at the University of Utah's Research Park.

The main building, situated a block from the Westerkerk,

On the south side, a nine-doored building was situated in order to represent the underworld.

Every now and then, (время от времени) usually between eight and ten in the evening,

Jacques finds himself transforming into a small furry rOdent(Грызун) with a bushy tail.

Turning into a squirrel tends to cause fewer problems than turning into a wolf. \ He worries about being eaten by

the neighbor’s cat.


in danger because not firmly fixed; likely to fall or suffer harm:

I climbed onto a precarious platform to get a better view.

PrecariouslyThe vase was precariously perched on a narrow shelf next to the door.

He has taken to(взялся) locking the doors and windows of his room at night and putting

a few walnuts on the floor to keep himself busy.

Narrow sth down

to make a number or list of things smaller, by removing the things that are least important, necessary, or suitable:

We narrowed the list of candidates down from ten to three. \ With this data he hopes to narrow down the conditions that trig-

ger the transformations.

Switching to a more scientific approach, Jacques intends to start keeping a daily log of everything he did that day and whether he changed form.

Allude to someone/something

to mention someone or something in a brief or indirect way:

He alluded to problems with the new computers. \ The introduction of this book alluded to the following as a nice way to compute the sum of a range of numbers:



B1 [ I or T ] to bend something, especially paper or cloth, so that one part of it lies on the other part, or to be able to be bent in this way:

I folded the letter (in half) and put it in an envelope.

He had a neatly folded handkerchief in his jacket pocket.

Will you help me to fold (up) the sheets?

The table folds up when not in use.

literary to wrap:

She folded her baby in a blanket.

He folded his arms around her.

Fold your arms

to bring your arms close to your chest and hold them together

​[ T ] to move a part of your body into a position where it is close to your body:

She sat with her legs folded under her.


[ I ] (of a business) to close because of failure:

Many small businesses fold within the first year.


[ C ] a line or mark where paper, cloth, etc. was or is folded:

If you just make folds along the dotted lines, you can seal it and mail it as an envelope.


the safety or comfort of belonging to a group that shares the same beliefs:

[ U ] The Democrats attracted many immigrants to the fold.

[ C/U ] A fold is a fenced area on a farm where sheep are kept during the night.

Work at sth

to try hard to achieve something:

Most couples would agree that for a marriage to succeed, both parties have to work at it.

[ + -ing verb ] You need to work at improving your writing.

I need to work at my piano playing.

You'll never learn Spanish if you don't work at it.

He's working at controlling his temper.

Work on sth

to spend time repairing or improving something:

His dancing technique is good, but he needs to work on his stamina.

I need to work on my pronunciation if I'm to pass the exam.

The meal tasted great, but you should work on the presentation.

The service is still not satisfactory, but the company say they're working on it.

If you worked on it, you could have a really good singing voice.

His jokes are good, but he needs to work on his delivery.


back in the day(в былые времена) back in the days(в те дни)

used for talking about a time in the past, usually when you are remembering nicethings about that time:

Back in the day, we had an apartment with a swimming pool.


Melissa Benoit from Canada was born with cystic fibrosis and taken to hospital with a severe lung infection back in April. (Ещё в Апреле)


Back when(Ещё когда) I was in High School, we..."


Dude why did you just take a shit(насрал\посрал)all over my(всю мою) facebook wall. My wall is covered with your wallposts.

What of it?

used to rudely say that you do not think something is important:

"That's the third time you've done that!" "Yeah, what of it?"

Since when

used angrily in speech to ask someone why they believe a situation to be different from how it really is:

Since when do you have the right to tell me what to do?

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

Общие условия выбора системы дренажа: Система дренажа выбирается в зависимости от характера защищаемого...

Опора деревянной одностоечной и способы укрепление угловых опор: Опоры ВЛ - конструкции, предназначен­ные для поддерживания проводов на необходимой высоте над землей, водой...

Организация стока поверхностных вод: Наибольшее количество влаги на земном шаре испаряется с поверхности морей и океанов (88‰)...

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