A very narrow valley between two mountains — КиберПедия 

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

Индивидуальные и групповые автопоилки: для животных. Схемы и конструкции...

A very narrow valley between two mountains

immerse – имЁрс

verbto involve someone completely in an activity:She immersed herself wholly in her work.

To immerse something is also to put it completely under the surface of a liquid:Immerse the egg in boiling water.

Immersion – имЁжнThe course offers total immersion in English.



Inevitable - инЕвитбл

Adjectivecertain to happen: Accidents are the inevitable result of carelessness. \ The accident was the inevitable consequence/result/outcome of carelessness.

the inevitable – something that is certain to happen and cannot be prevented:Eventually the inevitable happened and he had a heart attack.

Inevitability – инЕватабилити
the inevitability of change

Inevitably adverb in a way that cannot be avoided:Their arguments inevitably end in tears.

humidity - хьюмИдити

the quality of being humid: (воздуха\климата)I don't like the humidity of this climate. The temperature is almost 80 degrees, and the humidity 35%.

Humid adjective - хъЮмид – (of air and weather conditions) containing extremelysmall drops of water in the air:New York is very hot and humid in the summer.a hot and humid climate

Humidifier – хумИдифаер a machine that makes air in a room less dry:We bought a humidifier for the office.

moist - мОист

slightly wet :moist blueberry muffis\ rich, moist soilСлегка влажный чаще в хорошем смысле (почва\предмет)Keep the soil in the pot moist, but not too wet. \ This cake is nice and moist!

moisture –мОистча very small drops of water, either in the air or on a surface:It was a clear day with little moisture in the air. These plants need a rich soil that retains moisture.

moisten – мОистен Moisten the shirts before ironing.

MoistnessThe onions give the chicken a faint sweetness and a delicious, distinctive moistness.

Moisturizer – мОистурайза – a substance that you put on your skin to stop it from becoming dry:I use (a) moisturizer every night.


thrive - зрАйв

to grow, develop, or be successful:She seems to thrive on hard work.\His business thrived in the years before the war. \ She seems to thrive on stress.

Thriving – зрАйвинa thriving economy


ostentatious - остентЕйшос

adjectiveintended to attract admiration or notice:ostentatious jewelry ostentatious gestures(джестурес)

Ostentatiously adverbShe waved her hand about, ostentatiously displaying her large diamond ring

ostentation – disapproving the quality of being ostentatious:Her luxurious lifestyle and personal ostentation were both hated and envied.



Befall - БефОл

(of something bad) to happen to a person or place:Many natural disasters have befallen that region.

If something bad or dangerous befalls you, it happens to you:Should any harm befall me on my journey, you may open this letter.



Ramble - рамбл

to walk for pleasure, esp. in the countryside:I love to ramble through the woods.

[I usually + adv/prep] to walk for pleasure, especially in thecountryside:I love to ramble through the fields and lanes in this part of thecountry.Let's go rambling tomorrow.


to talk or write in a confused way, often for a long time:It was hard to listen to her ramble on and on about her vacation.

Noun [always + adverb/preposition]a long walk especially through the countryside:We go for a ramble through the woods every Saturday.\ There’s plenty to discover as you ramble around this little island. \ She likes to sleep late, so I've got several hours to ramble around on my own

Rambler a person who enjoys long walks in the countryside

a plant that rambles grows in all directions

unwarranted - анвОрантед

adjective lacking a good reason; unnecessary:They denounced the investigation as an unwarranted interference(интерфИренс) with their business. \ People need to be protected against such unwarranted intrusionsinto their private lives by journalists.



condemn – кондЭмн


to criticize something or someone strongly, usually for moral reasons:The movie was condemned for glorifying violence.

verb [T] (PUNISH)

to severely punish someone who has committed a crime, or to force someone to suffer:Those who remember the past are not condemned to repeat it. \Illness condemned her to spend her remaining days in a home.


Индивидуальные и групповые автопоилки: для животных. Схемы и конструкции...

Опора деревянной одностоечной и способы укрепление угловых опор: Опоры ВЛ - конструкции, предназначен­ные для поддерживания проводов на необходимой высоте над землей, водой...

Кормораздатчик мобильный электрифицированный: схема и процесс работы устройства...

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

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