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The care of people after they have left a hospital or prison

toddler - тОдла - ползунок, ребенок начинающий ходить

a young child, especially one who is learning or has recently learned to walkIt was when Brian was a toddler that Connie and Glenn decided to live healthier.

envision - энВижен - представлять себе(какое что то будет в будущем\реальное) Let's back up, it's hard to envision a spaceship that travels faster than light. \ Create a lifestyle story to help buyers envision themselves living in your home.

To envision something is to see it in your mind. To imagine something is similar, but it does not necessarily imply a visual aspect. For example, you can imagine the smell of chocolate, but you can't envision it.


on the surface - сёфэс - на первый взгляд\поначалу On the surface this sounds like a great idea, but in reality it's hugely flawed.



outskirts - Aутскёртс

the areas that form the edge of a town or city:The factory is in/on the outskirts of New Delhi.


stretch - стреч

verb (REACH)(протянуть)

B2 [T usually + adv/prep] to cause something to reach, often as far as possible, in a particular direction:I tripped on a piece of wire that someone had stretched across thepath.She stretched out her hand and helped him from his chair.

to make your body or your arms and legs straight so that they are as long as possible, in order to exercise the joints (= place where two bones are connected) after you have been in the same place or position for a long time:"I'm so tired," she said, yawning and stretching.It's a good idea to stretch before you do vigorous exercise.

verb (SPREAD)

C2 [I usually + adv/prep] to spread over a large area or distance:A huge cloud of dense smoke stretched across the horizon.The Andes stretch for 7,250 km along the west coast of SouthAmerica. \Unsettled weather will stretch from the middle Mississippi Valleyto the southern Middle Atlantic States.The refugee camps stretch as far as the eye can see.


B2 [I or T] to (cause a material to) become longer or widerthan usual as a result of pulling at the edges:an exercise to stretch the leg muscles \ That elastic band will snap if you stretch it too far. \This substance stretches to any shape you want.

verb (LONG TIME)

› [I usually + adv/prep] to spread over a long period of time:The dispute stretches back over many years.Although we were supposed to finish this month, it looks like the work will stretch well into next year. \ We had a long stretch of days with sub-zero temperatures last month.

also stretch out to make a process or task continue for a longer period of time than was originally planned:I'd like to stretch my mortgage payments out over a longer period if possible.

verb (DO MORE)

› [T] If jobs or tasks stretch you, they make you learn new things that use your skill and experience more than before:My present job doesn't stretch me, so I'm looking for something more demanding.


noun (PART)

C1 [C usually singular] a continuous area of land or water:This particular stretch of coast is especially popular withhikers.Traffic is at a standstill along a five-mile stretch of the ring-road.Some very rare birds inhabit our stretch of the river.


› [U] the degree to which a material can be made longer or wider by pulling:This fabric doesn't have much stretch in it, does it?

informal a period of time that a criminal spends in prison:Her brother's doing a ten-year stretch for armed robbery.

At a stretch

continuously or without any interruptions:There's no way I could work for ten hours at a stretch.


› [T] to go beyond, or almost beyond, the usual limit of something:Buying a new dishwasher will really stretch our budget.We try to stretch ourselves in our reading group, picking books we wouldn’t ordinarily read.

stretch (yourself) out to lie with your legs and arms spread out in a relaxed way:I just want to get home and stretch out on the sofa.


stretch to sth to manage to give or pay a particular amount, often a larger amount than you might expect:"How much money do you want to borrow?" "Could you stretch to £50?"

be stretching it to be going further than the truth:She's very smart, but it's stretching it to call her a genius.

stretch your legs to go for a walk, especially after sitting in the sameposition for a long time:The car journey took three hours, including a couple of stops to stretch our legs.


tackle - такл


B2 [T] to try to deal with something or someone:There are many ways of tackling this problem.I tackled him about his careless work. \ The president is clearly in a dilemma about how to tackle the crisis.


› [U] all the objects needed for a particular activity:fishing tackle


› [U] UK slang humorous also wedding tackle the male sexual organs


authority - асOрити

the power to control or demand obedience from others:[U] The police have no legal authority in these disputes.[U] We have to find someone in authority (= a position of power).

An authority is someone with official responsibility for a particular area of activity:[C] government/church authorities

The authorities are the police or other government officials:No attacks were reported to the authorities.

An authority on a subject is an expert on it:[C] an authority on immigration law


B2 [U] the moral or legal right or ability to control:The United Nations has used/exerted/exercised its authority to restore peace in the area. \We need to get the support of someone in authority (= an important or high-ranking person).They've been acting illegally and without authority (= permission) from the council.[+ to infinitive] \ I'll give my lawyers authority (= permission) to act on my behalf. \He has no authority over (= ability to control) his students. \ She spoke with authority (= as if she was in control or had special knowledge). \ A good teacher has an easy authority over a class.


[C] a group of people with official responsibility for a particular area of activity:the health authority the local housing authority

the authorities [plural]

the group of people with official legal power to make decisions or make people obey the laws in a particulararea, such as the police or a local government department:I'm going to report these potholes to the authorities.

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Общие условия выбора системы дренажа: Система дренажа выбирается в зависимости от характера защищаемого...

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