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A Christian woman who takes the veil becomes a nun(монахиня)


› [S] literary a thin covering that hides something or stops you from seeing something clearly:The view over the lake was obscured by a veil of mist that hung in the air.

literary something that prevents you from knowing what is happening:We want to lift the veil of secrecy that surrounds governmentdecisions.

draw a veil over sth literary

to not talk any more about a subject because it could cause trouble or embarrassment:I think we should draw a veil over everything that happened at the party, don't you?


› [T often passive] to cover something, especially the face or body, with a veil:In some societies, women are expected to be veiled when they go out in public.


› [T] to hide or cover something so that you cannot see itclearly or understand it:Thick fog veiled the city.


fuel - фьЮл -

a substance such as oil or gas that is used to provide heat or power, usually by being burnedWood, coal, oil, petrol, and gas are all different kinds of fuel. \ nuclear fuel \ The new exhaust(экзост) system, it is claimed, will lower fuel consumption.

anything that keeps people's ideas or feelings active, or makes them stronger:Reports in today's newspapers have added fuel to the controversy(контрОвеси - полемика)(= made it worse).

Verbto supply a system with a substance that can be burnedto provide heat or power:Our heating is fuelled by gas. \ We have a gas-fuelled heating system. \ Petrol/hydrogen-fuelled cars

Something that fuels a feeling or a type of behaviour increases it or makes it stronger:The rapid promotion of the director's son has itself fueled resentment within the company. \ The president's speech fuelled speculation that she is about to resign.

portray - потрEй

to represent or describe someone or something in a book, movie, etc.:The book portrayed him as somebody who was uncaring, evenbigoted.The writer portrays life in a working-class community at the turn of the century.

To portray is also to act the part of someone in a movie or play:Michael Douglas portrays the president of the United States. \ The father in the film is portrayed as a fairly unpleasant character. \ The book portrays him as a hero of the Wild West.


portrayal - потрEйал His latest movie is a grim portrayal of wartime suffering \ A lot of people felt the film wasn’t quite an accurate portrayal.


vehicle - вИэкл - транспортное средство


B1 [C] formal a machine, usually with wheels and an engine, used for transporting people or goods on land,especially on roads:

A truck driver died last night when his vehicle overturned. \ Road vehicles include cars, buses, and trucks. \Tractors are farm vehicles.The number of thefts of motor vehicles rose by a third last year.


› [C usually sing] a way of achieving something:Many say Morse code is an outdated vehicle forcommunication in today's high-tech world.She used her celebrity status as a vehicle to run for political office.


C2 [C usually singular] a way of achieving, producing, or expressing something(средство)The conference was seen as an ideal vehicle for increased cooperation between the member states.

[C usually singular] a show, film, exhibition, etc. that is used to show the special skills or qualities of one particular performer or artist:The play seems to be little more than a vehicle for its director andstar.

Vehicular – вэхИкулаPedestrian and vehicular traffic in the neighborhood have both increased. \ The house has no vehicular access but can be reached by a shortwalk across the fields.

sail - сЭил

When a boat or a ship sails, it travels on the water:The boat sailed along/down the coast.As the battleship sailed by/past, everyone on deck waved.The ship was sailing to China.

[I or T, usually + adv/prep] to control a boat that has noengine and is pushed by the wind:He sailed the dinghy up the river.She sailed around the world single-handed in her yacht.

[I] When a ship sails, it starts travelling, and when peoplesail from a particular place or at a particular time, theystart travelling in a ship:Their ship sails for Bombay next Friday.


C2 [C] a sheet of material attached to a pole on a boat to catch the wind and make the boat move:to hoist/lower the sails

[C] On a windmill, a sail is any of the wide blades that are turned by the wind in order to produce power.


› [S] a journey by boat or ship:It's two days' sail/It's a two-day sail (= a journey of two daysby sea) from here to the nearest island.

Set sail

C2 to begin a boat journey:We set sail from Kuwait. \ They set sail for France.

sail into sth to start an activity enthusiastically:The children sailed into the pile of cakes and in minutes the cakes were gone.\ Mary sailed in with a story about her first job.

sail close to the wind to do something that is dangerous or only just legal or acceptable:You were sailing a little close to the wind there when you made those remarks about his wife.

under sail travelling in a boat or ship with sails:After ten hours under sail, they reached dry land.

sail through (something) to do something easily and confidently:She sailed through her final exams.

firm – фЁм

adjective (HARD)

B2 not soft but not completely hard:I'd rather sleep on a firm mattress than a soft one. \ These pears are still too firm to eat. \ The ground was not firm enough to build on. \ The mixture should be firm to the touch after it has been baked. \ The bed in the hotel was not firm enough. \ a firm body \ No one seems to have a firm grip on (= be in control of) the situation at the moment.

adjective (FIXED)

well fixed in place or position:The bridge provided a firm platform for the bungee jumpers. fixed at the same level or opinion and not changing:The government remains firm in its opposition to tax reform. \ After weeks at sea, it was wonderful to feel firm ground beneath our feet once more. \ Make sure you've got a firm foothold on the rock before you climb up.\ The house could collapse if it hasn't got firm foundations.

Adverb firmly (NOT LOOSELY)

B2 in a way that will not become loose:Make sure the rope is firmly attached before attempting to climb down. \ The tent pegs should be fixed firmly in place.The hook had been screwed firmly into the wall. \The handle needs to be attached more firmly to the door. \Tighten the bolt until the lever fits firmly against the panel.


C2 strong and tight:a firm handshake \ Keep a firm hold of the handrail as you go down. \figurative No one seems to have a firm grip on the company at the moment. \figurative You need a firm grasp of mathematics to become an astronaut. \ The nail holding this picture up isn't at all firm.



B2 strongly and tightly:He shook my hand firmly and climbed into the taxi.


adjective (CERTAIN)

B2 certain and not likely to change:He is a firm believer in traditional family values.\ Some people still claim that there is no firm evidence linking smoking with lung cancer. \ The decision is firm – there will be a strike.


B2 in a way that is certain or not likely to change:We are firmly committed to reducing unemployment.

adjective (FORCEFUL)

C2 forceful and making people do what you want:I was always very firm with my children - they knew the rules and I made sure they followed them.


forcefully:"You're not going to the party and that's that!" she said firmly.


Firm can also mean showing control and making sure you will be obeyed:A new teacher has to be firm with her students.

a firm hand strong control:Reforming these young offenders will require a firm hand.

hold/stand firm to remain in the same place or at the same level:The protesters stood firm as the police tried to disperse them. \ The dollar held firm against the Euro today.

Noun a company or business He works for a law firm called Neil and Vigliano.He's just started working for an accountancy firm/a firm ofaccountants in Cambridge.


to make soil harder by pressing on it:Firm the soil around the cuttings and water them in.

specialized finance & economics to stop changing or toremain at the same level, amount, etc.:After a turbulent week on the markets, share prices firmed today.

firm sth up to make something more certain or less likely to change:Could we have a meeting so we can firm up the details of our agreement?

to make a part of your body have less fat and more muscle by doing exercise:Cycling is one of the best ways to firm up your thighs. \ My stomach has begun to firm up since I started exercising.

site - сайт

noun [C] (PLACE)


B1 a place where something is, was, or will be built, or where something happened, is happening, or will happen:a building site. The company hasn't yet chosen the site for the new hospital.This is the site of the accident.\ They're planning to develop the whole site into a shopping complex. \ Armed guards are posted around the site.

A website


› [C] US UK pitch the piece of ground on which you can put up a tent, park a caravan, etc.:We chose a large, level site for our tent.

Verb to exist or be built in a particular place:The company's head office is sited in Rome.

On site

C1 inside a factory, office building, etc.:There are two restaurants on site.The office complex has an on-site nursery.



nativity – натИвити

the birth of Jesus, celebrated by Christians at Christmas:the Nativity story


Intervene - интевИн (Вмешщаться с целью разобраться, предотвратить,произойти между двумя событиями)


C2 to intentionally become involved in a difficult situation in order to improve it or prevent it from getting worse:The Central Bank intervened in the currency markets today to try to stabilize the exchange rate.[+ to infinitive] The minister intervened personally to stop themuseum from being closed.


to happen between two times or between other events or activities:Two decades intervened between the completion of the design and the opening of the theatre.

InterventionHalf the people questioned said they were opposed to military intervention (in the civil war). \ Repeated interventions on the currency markets have failed to prevent the value of the currency falling.


Thought to be - зот ту би - считается

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