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Индивидуальные и групповые автопоилки: для животных. Схемы и конструкции...

Механическое удерживание земляных масс: Механическое удерживание земляных масс на склоне обеспечивают контрфорсными сооружениями различных конструкций...

Concoction - кэнкАкшен (миксутра, варево, смесь)

something put together from several different things:

This concoction included the juice pounded from a vine that contains strychnine. \

sip - сип -

verb to drink, taking only a very small amount at a time:This tea is very hot, so sip it carefully.She slowly sipped (at) her wine. \ He sipped the hot coffee.

Noun He took another sip of tea.

Taste - тЭйст -

[C or U] the flavour of something, or the ability of a person or animal to recognize different flavours:I love the taste of garlic. \Olives are usually an acquired taste (= you only like them after you have become familiar with their taste).\ When you have a cold you often lose your sense of taste. \ Lemons have a sharp taste.


a taste for sth

C2 the fact of liking or enjoying something:She came home from Europe with a taste for art and the finer things in life.

a small amount of food:Have a taste of the sauce and tell me if it needs salt.


B2 [C or U] a person's approval of and liking for particular things:I'm not really into new cars - old vintage cars are more to my taste(= what I like).

approving a person's ability to judge and recognizewhat is good or suitable, especially relating to suchmatters as art, style, beauty, and behaviour:He has terrible taste so you can probably imagine what his houselooks like.His taste in clothes leaves a little to be desired.


B2 [S] a short experience of something:I had a taste of office work during the summer and that was enough.

verb [T] (FOOD/DRINK)

B1 to put food or drink in your mouth to find out what flavour it has:Taste this sauce and tell me if it needs seasoning.What is this? I've never tasted anything like it.

to have a particular flavour:This sauce tastes strange.This coffee tastes like dishwater! UK The bread tastes of onions.


to experience something for a short time:Once you've tasted luxury it's very hard to settle for anything else.

be in good, the best possible, etc. taste - to be acceptable in a way that will not upset or anger people:Most of my uncle's jokes are not in good taste.

be in bad, poor, the worst possible, etc. taste to be unacceptable in a way that will upset or anger people:He told a joke about death that I thought was in poor taste considering that Steve's father had just died.

aroma - арОма - a strong, pleasant smell, usually from food or drink:the aroma of freshly baked breada wine with a light, fruity aroma \ a strong, usually pleasant smell:the aroma of coffee and frying eggs

aromaticadjective an aromatic pine forest \ a massage with aromatic oils

flavour - флЭйвар -

[C or U] how food or drink tastes, or a particular taste itself:Add a little salt to bring out the flavour of the herbs. \ My fish was delicious but Charles' beef had almost no flavour (= did not taste of anything).This wine has a light, fruity flavour (= the taste of fruit). \ We sell 32 different flavours (= particular types of taste) of icecream.

a particular quality or character:The resort has a nautical flavour.

[S] an idea or quick experience of something:To give you a flavour of what the book is like Jilly is going to read out a brief extract. \ The wine had a sharp, almost citric flavour. \ They sell ice cream of every imaginable flavour.\ This salad has a sharp peppery flavour.\ The seasoning really brings out the flavour of the meat.

Verb to give a particular taste to food or drink:This sauce is flavoured with garlic and herbs. \You can use fresh herbs to flavour the soup.

flavour of the month the most popular person at a particular time:Andy is certainly flavour of the month with the boss.


raspberry - рАсбери

[C or U] a small soft red fruit, or the bush on which it grows:raspberries and ice cream raspberry jam


› [C] informal a rude sound made by sticking the tongue out and blowing:The boy turned and blew a raspberry at the teacher before running off.



addition - адИшэн -

the process of adding numbers or amounts together:Twice a week the children are tested in basic mathematical skills such as addition (= calculating the total of different numbers put together) and subtraction.

in addition (to) as well (as):In addition to his apartment in Manhattan, he has a villa in Italy and a castle in Scotland.

something that has been added to something else:A secretary would be a welcome/useful addition to our staff.humorous I hear you're expecting a small addition tothe family (= you are going to have a baby)!

the act of adding a substance or thing to something else:Most working environments are improved by the addition of (= by adding) a few plants and pictures.

US UK extension a new part added to a house or other building:We're building an addition to our house.

contaminate - контАминэйт -

to make something less pure or make it poisonous(поизенес):Much of the coast has been contaminated by nuclear waste.The food which had been contaminated was destroyed.

Contaminated The infection was probably caused by swimming in contaminated water/water contaminated with sewage.\ contaminated water

ContaminationThe water supply is being tested for contamination (= the presence ofunwanted or dangerous substances). \ We discovered lead ( = soft, gray metal ) contamination in the paint.


celebrity - селЕбрити

someone who is famous, especially in the entertainment business Being recognized in the street is part and parcel of being a celebrity. \ The success of her book has given her unexpected celebritystatus. \ Hollywood celebrities turned up at Laguna Beach.


high-profile - хай прОфайл

adjectiveattracting a lot of attention and interest from the public and newspapers, television, etc.:high-profile politicians \ He resigned from a high-profile job as economic adviser to the president.

counselling - кАунселин

the job or process of listening to someone and giving that person advice about their problems:a counselling service \ The couple had no premarital counselling and rushed intomarriage without much thought for the future.

Counsel - кАунсел

verb to give advice, especially on social or personal problems:The police have provided experts to counsel local people affected by the tragedy. \ My job involves counselling unemployed people on/about how to find work.

Nounformal advice:I should have listened to my father's wise counsel, and saved some money instead of spending it all.

keep your own counsel to not say what your opinions are:I'd love to know what Anna thinks, but she always keeps her own counsel.

shell - шел


B2 [C or U] the hard outer covering of something, especially nuts, eggs, and some animals:Brazil nuts have very hard shells. \ A piece of shell fell into the cake mixture.the shell of a snail/crab/tortoisea shell necklace (= a piece of jewellery made out of the shells ofsmall sea creatures)

the basic outer structure of a building or vehicle,especially when the parts inside have been destroyed or taken or have not yet been made:the shell of a burned-out farmhouse


[C] a container, usually with a pointed end, that is filled with explosives and shot from a large gun: Artillery and mortar shells were landing in the outskirts of the city.

noun (BOAT)

a type of boat used for racing, driven by people usingoars (= poles with flat ends)

noun (COMPANY)

a company that is used to hide illegal activities:The shell advertised bonds for sale to investors, but thisoffering was essentially a fraud because no bonds ever existed.

verb [T] (COVERING)

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