Cartilage – кАртилидж (хрящ) — КиберПедия 

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

Поперечные профили набережных и береговой полосы: На городских территориях берегоукрепление проектируют с учетом технических и экономических требований, но особое значение придают эстетическим...

Cartilage – кАртилидж (хрящ)

(a piece of) a type of strong tissue found in humans in the joints (= places where two bones are connected) and other places such as the nose, throat, and ears:

He has a torn cartilage in his knee.

Subsequent- сАбсиквент (ensure - verb)

happening after something else:

The book discusses his illness and subsequent resignation from politics.

Those explosions must have been subsequent to our departure, because we didn't hear anything.

Rekindle – рекИндл

to make someone have a feeling that they had in the past:

The holiday was a last chance to rekindle their love.


Compose – кЭмпоус

to produce or create music, poems, or a piece of writing:

The opera was composed in 1931 but wasn’t performed until 1940.

to form or make up something:

The metropolitan area is composed of New York City and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut.



to move away from a place where you should be or from a direction in which you should go:

The children were told to stay together and not to stray.

The plane disappeared after straying several hundred miles off course.


(of an animal) having no home, or lost:

Eric and Lise rescued the stray cat and named her Pashmina.

Stray also means happening by chance and lacking direction:

It was just a stray thought(случайная мысль) I had while washing the dishes.

an animal that is lost or has no home:

We have given a home to a number of strays.

Cause to \ make

The sudden gust of wind made him fall over. That can make walking very difficult.

The sudden gust of wind caused him to fall over.\ That cancause walking to be very difficult


scarcity – скЭрсити (дефицит)

a lack of something:

A scarcity of flour makes bread, cake, and other baked goods more expensive.

The annual event raises money for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, \ I worked hard to raise money for college, and then decided not to go. (собирает деньги)

feature – фИча

To include someone or something as an important part:

The movie features James Dean as a disaffected teenager.

This week's broadcast features a report on victims of domestic violence.

It's an Australian company whose logo features a red kangaroo.

Identity – айдЁнтети

who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group that make them different from others:

[ U ] As a journalist she refuses to reveal the identity of her source. \ an interactive quest where visitors can create their own a Star Wars identity choosing the way of the Jedi or the dark side.

Herd – хёрд

a large group of animals of the same type that live and feed together:

a herd of cattle/elephants/goats

a large group of people that is considered together as a groupand not separately:

Poor Janine - she just follows the herd (= does what all the other people are doing).

Mammal – мАмэл

any animal of which the female feeds her young on milk from her own body. Most mammals give birth to live young, not eggs:

Humans, dogs, elephants, and dolphins are all mammals, but birds, fish, and crocodiles are not.

Vertebrate – вЁтеброт (позвоночное животное)

He also told the reporters that it seemed like the monkey felt more safe with the goats.

In a southern part of China, a herd of goats have found an unlikelyfriend. (необычного)

In the wake of the Paris attack that claimed(забрало\унесло) the lives of 129 people, France and Russia have stepped up((to increase the amount - увеличить)) their response against so-called Islamic State.
If something happens in the wake of something else, it happens after and often because of it:

Airport security was extra tight in the wake of yesterday's bomb attacks.

The French military has released video of fighter jets(истребители) taking off(Взлёт) for what it says are intensified(итЕнсифайд - усиленные) airstrikes against Islamic State targets in Syria.

Russia has also stepped up airstrikes against Islamist militants(боевики) in Syria after the Kremlin said it wanted retribution against those responsible for blowing up a Russian airliner over Egypt.

Vow – вАу

to make a firm promise or decision to do something:

[ + (that) clause ] They vowed (that) they would never forget her kindness.

[ + to infinitive ] After my illness I vowed to exercise every day. Putin made a speech on Tuesday in which he vowed to hunt down those responsible for killing 224 people in the plane attack.

The two countries plan to take action(дейвствоать) against Islamic State both at sea and in the air.

Refine – рифАйн

to make something pure or improve something, especially by removing unwanted material:

Crude oil is industrially refined to purify it and separate out the different elements, such as benzene.

to improve an idea, method, system, etc. by making small changes:

Engineers spent many months refining the software.

Fetch - фЕтч
to go get something or someone and bring the thing or person back:

[ I ] She’s been teaching the dog to fetch (= get a stick or ball that is thrown and bring it back).

to be sold for a price:

The collection of paintings fetched over a million dollars.

Apiece – апИс


In good condition, dolls from this period sell for $500 apiece.

Streak - стрик
a long, thin mark that is easily noticed because it is very different from the areasurrounding it:

The window cleaner left dirty streaks on the windows.

I dye my hair to hide my grey streaks.

Meteors produce streaks of light as they burn up in the earth's atmosphere.

(Characteristic - черта)an often unpleasant characteristic that is very different from other characteristics:

Her stubborn streak makes her very difficult to work with sometimes.

You need to have a competitive streak when you're working in marketing.

(Period)a short period of good or bad luck:

I just hope my lucky streak continues until the world championships.

Their longest losing streak has been three games.

After winning a couple of bets, he thought he was on a winning streak.

Shanti’s was on a creative streak knocking out(выпускать\производить) 12 paintings,


fork out sth
to pay an amount of money, especially unwillingly:

I forked out ten quid for/on the ticket.

uk I couldn't persuade him to fork out for a new one.

The middle one disappeared and we never heard what became of him. (Что с ним стало)

Nothing would convince me to stay at home and become a lawyer.


to be successful, esp. financially:

As the company prospered, we prospered.

Prosperitya period of increasing prosperity

Prosperousa prosperous business

My father also told me that if I go abroad my fate might be similar to that of(такой же как) my eldest brother.

Workers in the operation wear safety equipment similar to that of rock climbers.

When saying this he started crying and he could not continue.

My father’s advice and warnings made me think and I started to forget my desire to travel by sea.


Determine – детЁрмн (Decide \ Discover)

to control or influence directly; to decide:

We should be allowed to determine our own future.

[ T ] Eye color is genetically determined.

[ + to infinitive ] He determined to find out the real reason.

to find out or make certain facts or information:

The police never actually determined the cause of death.

[ + question word ] I can’t determine why your phone isn’t working.

[ + that clause ] The investigation determined that the death was accidental.

Chicken out

to decide not to do something because you are too frightened:

I was going to go bungee jumping, but I chickened out.

Rush out (of something)

to exit in a hurry. Everyone rushed out of the room at the same time. They rushed out because they smelled smoke.

The owner is happy about the attention, but she does not want people to rush out to get hedgehogs of their own.

Hedgehogs are more high-maintenancethan other small animals

Thus(таким образом) your proficiency with cube extrusion will directly carry over(перенесётся) to cylinder extrusion.

Inflate – инфлЭйт

to cause an object to increase in size and shape by filling it with air or gas, or (of an object) to become larger as a result of this process:

[ T ] to inflate balloons

[ I ] Air bags in cars are designed to inflate automatically on impact.

to make a number or value higher or greater than it should be, or to make something seem more important than it really is:

Company officials misled the public in order to inflate the value of the company’s stock.

The story was inflated by the media.

A four year old chihuahua named Honey may be small, but she makes up for it in courage.

Blow it

To fail; make a botch; ruin one's chances : We are winning. If we don'tblow it/ I think I blew it. I talked too much and said too little (1920+)

Have you got A square –есть сигаретка ?

Settle a score

Edgar also had a score to settle, looking to avenge his only professional loss.

She may be Yasmin's friend, but she still has a score to settle with Rospetroc.

to punish someone for something wrong that they did to you in the past and that you cannot forgive:

Police believe the killer was a gang member settling a score with a rival gang.

He is using his wealth and power to settle old scores.

Fall for sth

to be tricked into believing something that is not true:

He told me that he owned a mansion in Spain and I fell for it.

I'm not falling for that one! informal

said when you recognize a trick and refuse to be deceived by it:

"Lend me a fiver and I'll buy you a drink." "Oh no, I'm not falling for that one."

Wait up

(for someone or something)

1. Fig. to stay up late waiting for someone to arrive or something to happen. I'll be home late. Don't wait up for me. Wewaited up for the coming of the new year, and then we went to bed.

2. and holdup (for someone or something)Fig. to wait for someone or something to catch up. Hey! Don't go so fast.Wait up for me. Hold up! You're going too fast.

Where are you off to ? = Where are you going to ? "I'm off to the shops" = "I'm going to the shops."

Организация стока поверхностных вод: Наибольшее количество влаги на земном шаре испаряется с поверхности морей и океанов (88‰)...

Опора деревянной одностоечной и способы укрепление угловых опор: Опоры ВЛ - конструкции, предназначен­ные для поддерживания проводов на необходимой высоте над землей, водой...

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

Общие условия выбора системы дренажа: Система дренажа выбирается в зависимости от характера защищаемого...

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