Тема 7. Парламент Великобритании. — КиберПедия 

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Тема 7. Парламент Великобритании.

1.The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a

a) parliamentary monarchy

b) republic

c) socialist republic

d) capitalist republic

e) republican monarchy

2.Parliament is the most important………. institution in the United Kingdom.

a) legislative

b) democratic

c) exercutive

d) executive

e) judicial

3. Monarch is a head of …… .

a) state

b) country

c) county

d) the Buckingham palace

e) the Houses

4. The main functions of Parliament are:……

a) make law

b) make amendments

c) make legislations

d) judicial power

e) to make laws regulating the life of the community

5. The Parliament………the public and …..the rights of individuals;

а) defends/protects

b) protects/ defends

c)fights for the rights

d) regulates/ defends

e) amends

6. The Parliament examines …….and…….., including proposals for expenditure;

а)government policy/ administration

b) administration

c) bills and resolutions

d) amendments/ resolutions

e) bills / proposals

7.Parliament has a maximum duration of …….years

а) four


c) two

d) three

e) six

8. Each term is divided into sessions, which usually…….– normally ending in October or November

а)lasts for one year

b) last for one year

c) lastes for one year

d) lasted for one year

e) last for one years

9. The State Opening of Parliament ……... the new parliamentary session

а)marks the start of

b) marks of

c)start of


e) begins

10. State Opening……. large crowds.

а) attraction

b) attracts

c) attractive

d) attracted


11. The Queen delivers her speech from the Throne in…….

а)the House of commons

b) the House of representatives

c) the Cabinet

d)Trafalgar square

e)the House of Lords

12. ……..is entirely drawn up by the Government and approved by the Cabinet.

а) the idea of

b) the suggestion

c) proposal

d) resolutions of the speech

e)the content of speech

13. What does the Queen’s speech contain?

а) outline of the Government’s policies

b)outline of the Government’s policies and proposed legislative programme


d) new legislations

e) proposed legislative programme

14.Where is the government’s programme debated ?.

а) by the House of lords

b) the House of representatives

c)by both Houses

d) -

e) by the Buckingham palace

15..……..made to a bill by the House of Lords must be considered by the Commons


b) resolution

c) bill

d) confirmation

e) Amendments

16.The first reading is……., to introduce the bill.

а) interesting

b) active

c)purely formal

d) interesting

e) discussive

17). The second reading of the bill is usually…….

а) noisy

b) interesting

c) amusing

d) the occasion for debate

e) purely formal

18. After the second reading the bill is examined…….

а)in detail by a committee

b) by the House of Representatives

c) the cabinet

d) the House of Lords


19. In case of disagreement between two houses…..

а) House of lords prevail


c) Commons prevail

d) Prime Minister prevail

e) prevail

20.Who was the last monarch to use his power?

a) Queen Elizabeth

b) Queen Victoria

c) King Edward

d) Queen Ann

e) -

21. If I study hard, I ……. the exam.

a)would pass

b)am pass

c) will pass

d) is pass

e) passed

22. If on you …… on the scene, you …… find evidence.

a) are/will

b) is/will

c) can/ -

d) are/ have

e) were/have

23. If you ….. a cadet, you …… always be on duty detail.

a) are/must

b) are/can

c) were/ have to

d) have/has

e) were/must

24. …….... French?

a) Can you speak

b) did you speak

c) does you speak

d) - speak

e) Can you to speak

25. Look! The bus.........

a) coming

b) is coming

c) was coming

d) come

e) was come

26....... your passport!

a) Don’t forget

b) Forget

c) Forget

d) Don’t to forget

e) -

27. Look! The car ……… to hit the tree.

a) is going

b) is going to

c) was going to

d) -

e) goes

28. Personnel Manager …..... in the office now.

a) was

b) can

c) is

d) does

e) has

29. The Supreme court . . . . .cases of particular complexity and of special public significance.

a) to examine

b) examine

c) -

d) examines

e) examined

30.Who ……..you to enter the CA?


b) advise

c) advises

d) -

e) did advise

31. After the cadets ……. their classes, they …… on physical training.

a) has/went

b) have/went

c) had had/went

d)have had/went

e) -

32. The main legal specializations ……: lawyer, legal advisor, notary, etc.

a) is

b) are

c) were

d) was

e) has

33. Who ………the robbery?

a) has/just/seen

b) have/just/see

c) saw/just

d) have/just/seen

e) see

34.When …….a day of Independence?

a) did/the USA/had

b) did/the USA/have

c) do / the USA/had

d) is

e) can

35. When the police……. to the scene, the criminal ……..

a) rushed/ had left

b) had rushed/left

c) rushed/left

d) rush/leave

e) -

36.The International Court of Justice … not include more than one judge of any nationality.

a) must

b) can

c) will

d) might

e) may

37. It ………. Rain, it …….Not.

a) can’t

b) can/can

c) may/may

d) is/can

e) could/can

38. The presiding judge ..… the punishment tomorrow.

a) shall pass

b) will pass

c) can passes


e) will passes

39. The presiding judge ……… make a sentence tomorrow.

a) will

b) can

c) could

d) is

e) was

40. Why ………… ?

a) you are not listening to me

b) you are not listening to me

c) you are not listening me

d) listening me

e)are not listening to me?


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