Тема 15. Международное сотрудничество полицейских — КиберПедия 

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Тема 15. Международное сотрудничество полицейских

1. ____ in cross-border crime is going on in many countries today.

a) The fight b) The growth c) The preservation d) The guard

2. The constant growth of international exchanges provides more ____ for international criminal activity.

a) barriers b) threats c) fight d) opportunities

3. International criminal activity has _____ now.

a) reduced enormously b) expanded slowly c) expanded enormously d) limited enormously

4. International criminal activity has reached _____.

a) alarming proportions b) alarming limits c) alarmed proportions d) alarming limitations

5. Increasing ____ leads to widespread feelings of insecurity.

a) pressure from governments b) threat from policemen c) pressure from criminals d) fight against criminals

6. The term «international crime» _____ specific types of offence defined in law.

a) usually refers to b) necessarily means c) necessarily refers to d) does not necessarily refer to

7. The UN has classified all ____ into 17 groups.

a) national crimes b) transnational criminals c) transnational crimes d) national criminals

8. Some offences are covered by ____.

a) international treaties b) international conventions c) national conventions d) international agreements

9. Currency ____ is covered by 1929 Convention.

a) counterfeiting b) smuggling c) laundering d) trafficking

10. Traffic in ___ and the exploitation of prostitution are covered by 1949 Convention.

a) human rights b) weapons c) human beings d) cultural objects

11. ____ is covered by 1988 Convention.

a) Drug smuggling b) Drug trafficking c) Drug exploitation d) Drug abuse

12. Some offences can be classified as «international» because of the ____.

a) behaviour of the criminals b) actions of the detectives c) behaviour of the policemen d) threats of the offenders

13. Preparations for an offence may be made in one country while the actual offence ____ in one or more countries.

a) is prevented b) is committed c) is supervised d) is detected

14. An offender may escape across a border after ____ his offence.

a) preparing b) concealing c) trafficking d) committing

15. A criminal may transfer his _____ abroad.

a) illicit actions b) legal gains c) illegal preparations d) illicit gains

16. An offender may ____ objects or documents used to commit the offence in another country.

a) conceal b) locate c) escape d) transfer

17. ____ and arresting international offenders may prove extremely difficult.

a) Trafficking b) Laundering c) Tracing d) Fighting

18. Problems can arise in connection with ____, identification and extradition of offenders.

a) exchanging criminals b) exchanging gains c) counterfeiting information d) exchanging information

19. Police services in different countries must work together ____ international crime successfully.

a) to combat b) to prevent c) to preserve d) to counterfeit

20. The development of sophisticated facilities for rapid travel ___ for criminals to move around the world.

a) have made it easier b) has made it easier c) has made it difficult d) have made it difficult

21. To transfer illegal or stolen money usually by a complex process to avoid detection – _____

a) to smuggle b) to contribute c) to launder d) to traffic

22. Against law – _____

a) legal b) lawful c) sophisticated d) illicit

23. Terrorism is the use of ____in order to achieve political aims.

a) violence r b) money c) assistance d) intimidation

24. Ransom is ____ that someone asks for in exchange for a person who they are keeping as a prisoner.

a) an amount of service b) violence c) enormous resources d) an amount of money

25. ____ is the official line that separates two countries or regions.

a) policy b) border c) trend d) strategy

26. To make it possible or easier for something to happen – ____

a) to support b) to assist c) to facilitate d) to prevent

27. To cooperate means ____ in order to achieve something.

a) to fight with criminals b) to provide other people c) to prevent other people d) to work with other people

28. Individuals and companies are being subjected to ____ from criminals.

a) increasing support b) growing pressure c) increasing fight d) growing assistance

29. Individuals and companies suffer widespread feelings of ____.

a) security b) hope c) relief d) insecurity

30. Illicit arms___, __in humans; ___in human organs are transnational crimes.

a) traffic b) trade c) smuggle d) exchange

31. _____ seizes aero planes.

a) Hijacker b) Murderer c) Briber d) Bobby handler

32. ____ steals from houses and offices.

a) Robber b) Burglar c) Murderer d) Briber

33. _____ takes people hostage for a ransom.

a) Kidnapping b) Robber c) Kidnapper d) Hijacker

34. _____ kills people.

a) Robber b) Burglar c) Murderer d) Briber

35. ______ attacks people in public places and steal their money, jewellery or other things.

a) Robber b) Burglar c) Murderer d) Briber

36. _____ hides, especially from the police and tries to avoid being caught.

a) prisoner b) briber c) fugitive d) robber

37. The fugitive ______ at the moment.

a) is hunted down b) hunts down c) is hunting down d) is being hunted down

38. The policemen of these countries _______ for about 20 years.

a) are cooperating b) have been cooperating c) has cooperated d) are cooperated

39. The fugitive ______ across the border.

a) was escaping b) was escaped c) has escaped d) has been escaped

40. International offenders _____ travel easily worldwide.

a) cannot b) can c) must d) should


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