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You can use my phone if yours (not work).

If you (not like) this magazine, I’ll bring you another.

If he (want) more money, he (have) to do more job.

If you (smoke) in a non-smoking compartment, the other passengers (object).

If you help me, I (do) this work in time.

If I (be) free, I’ll come to you.

If you (give) me 90 days to pay, I (buy) right now.

If you (give) me a special price, I (put in) a bigger order.

If I (pay) cash how much discount (you allow)?

If the paperwork (be) incomplete the goods are often held up.

If I (do) an MBA, I (improve) my job prospects.

Переведите на английский язык.

Если я его увижу, я ему скажу об этом.

Если он опоздает, пойдем без него.

Скажи ему, чтобы он позвонил, если увидишь его.

Если он хочет заработать больше денег, ему придется работать лучше.

Если хочешь, я предложу тебе работу в этой компании.

Мы доставим вам товары, если вы оплатите вовремя.

Если я увижу Анну, я ее попрошу вам позвонить.

Я загляну позже, если будут какие-нибудь новости.

Если я получу повышение жалования, я не буду искать другой работы.

Мы поможем вам сделать доклад, если у нас будет свободное время.

Если она будет чувствовать себя лучше, она придет на работу.

Если я вовремя вернусь с работы, мы пойдем в кино.

13. Если вы дадите 15% скидку, мы разместим заказ сегодня.

Если завтра будет хорошая погода, мы поедем на дачу.

Если мы не вернемся домой до 12 часов, мы не сможем позвонить Джону.

Составьте предложения.

Example: If you pay in euros, we’ll deliver within seven days.

  1. pay in euros
  2. order today
  3. finish everything tonight
  4. deliver by the end of the month
  5. give us a one-year guarantee
  6. exceed the sales target
  7. deliver on time
  8. pay all the advertising costs
  9. sigh the contract now
  10. meet again next week
a) pay you a higher commission b) offer you a special discount c) reduce the price d) give you a signing-on bonus e) pay all the transport costs f) give you a 5% discount g) deliver within seven days h) change our position i) give you the day off tomorrow j) order from you again

33). Заполните предложения союзами if или unless.

You don’t have persistence, you can’t be a good salesman.

2. We don’t employ people ______________ they’re flexible and keen on hard work.

You do business abroad, it’s a good idea to learn about the local culture.

You encounter any problems with your mobile phone, we will provide a complete repair service.

You call to tell me you’re not coming, I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.

6. Don’t promise anything ______________ you are completely sure.

7. Your presentation will be better _____________ you make good eye contact with the audience.

8. _____________ you increase sales by over 20%, the company will pay you a performance bonus.

Вставьте глагол в соответствующей форме (2 тип).

I (keep) a car if I could afford it.

If they (ban) the sake of alcohol at football matches, there might be less violence.

If you (change) your job, would it affect your salary?

4. If you know you had only two days to make a decision, how you (spend) those two days?

If I (have) a university degree, I now (sit) in a comfortable office instead of standing at a street corner selling newspapers.

I (be) very grateful if you kindly (sigh) this document and let me have it back as soon as possible.

If I (win) an enormous sum, everybody (write) to me asking for money.

If he (take) any exercise, he (not be) so unhealthy.

If I (have) the right change, we (can) get tickets from the machine.

If he (work) overtime, he (earn) as much as I do.

If we (have) any matches, we (can) light a fire.

If I ask him for help, he (help) me.

If I (can) drive, we (can) take the car.

14. If I (have) more time, I (read) not so little.

If he (pay) his staff properly, they (work) better.

16. If she (not spend) hours watching television, he (have) time to do some jobs in the house.

If I (not live) a long way from the centre, I (be) always late for work.

If people (not drive) very fast, there (not be) so many accidents.

If English people (not speak) very quickly, I (can) understand them.

20. If you (give) us a 5% discount we (make) a firm order of 5,000 units.

If I (be) rich I (buy) a Ferrari.

If we (hire) a factoring agency we (can) recover our debts more easily.

If you (not offer) such good terms, we (not do) business with you.

We (can) negotiate a better price if you (shorten) the delivery time.

25. What discount (you/offer) us if we (decide) to spend 1 million $ a year with you?

If they (not have) a guaranteed market, their business (not survive).

What discount would you offer us if we (decide) to go to another supplier?

28. If you (reduce) your price by 8%, we (increase) our order substantially.

If we (relaunch) our website, we (get) better results.

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