Заполните пропуски соответствующим причастием. — КиберПедия

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Заполните пропуски соответствующим причастием.

1. He fell asleep _______________(exhaust) by the journey. 2. She entered the dining room ____________ (accompany) by her husband and her father. 3. A snake ___________ (sleep) in the grass will bite if anyone treads upon it. 4. __________ (Fill) his pockets with apples the boy was about to run away when he saw the owner of the garden with a stick in his hand. 5. It was a bright Sunday morning of early summer _____________ (promise) heat. 6. When I came home, I found the table ______ (lay). 7. ________ (Judge) by the colour of the sun it should be windy tomorrow. 8. _________ (Arrive) at a big seaport, I started to look for a job. 9 He had received an urgent message _________ (ask) him to telephone Sir Matthew. 10. He looked at groups of young girls _______ (walk) arm in arm. 11. In the wood they sat down on a _______ (fall) tree. 12. _________ (See) from the hill the city looks magnificent. 13. _________ (Not know) where to go he turned to a passer by. 14. __________ (Lock) in her room she threw a fit. 15. ________ (Address) the parcel, I went out at once to post it. 16. She often took care of my little sister _______ (give) me a possibility to play with other boys. 17. ________ (Wash) her face in cold water, she came up to the window and shut it. 18. Paul sat down again, evidently _______ (change) his mint about going.

Заполните пропуски соответствующим причастием.

Paul: You must be very 1) ________________ (excite). Paris is a 2)______________(fascinate) city. There are so many 3)______________ (interest) things to do. You won’t be 4)____________________ (bore).

Jane: Well, I’m a bit 5)________________ worry because I can’t speak French very well.

Paul: You should buy a phrase book and then you won’t be 6)_______________ (embarrass) if someone speak to you. They won’t be 7)______________ (annoy) if you make a mistake, and most people will be 8)_____________ (please) if you ask something in French.

Jane: I’m sure they’ll find my accent very 9)______________ (amuse).

Paul: Don’t be silly. I’m sure you’ll have a very 10)_________ (stimulate) holiday.

Выберите нужную форму причастия.

1. The children were thrilled / thrilling with the clown’s tricks.

2. The adventure was excited / exciting.

3. She was interesting / interested in anything antique.

4. Her experience was terrified / terrifying.

5. The police were puzzled / puzzling by the clues.

6. What an amazing / amazed person he is!

7. He was very surprised / surprising by her sudden change of attitude.

8. She felt relaxed / relaxing in the hot sun.

9. He was distributed / distributing by the threatening phone calls.

10. He found the history lesson extremely bored / boring.

Заполните пропуски соответствующим причастием.

Carla has been 1)_______________ (interest) in dancing since she was a little girl. When she put on her own “performances” at home for her relatives, they were all 2)______________ (entertain) by the sight of the young girl twirling around in her home-made costumes. No one guessed, however, that by the age of eighteen she would be an 3) _______________ (entertain) spectacle for a much larger audience. Carla’s family were 4)________________ (thrill) to attend a Royal Performance and to witness their little girl’s 5)____________ (excite) debut, Carla herself was more 6)_______________ (excite) and 7) _________________ (frighten) that she’d ever been in her life. Her climb to fame had been extremely 8)_____________ (reward). And now, here she was, dancing for the Queen. How 9)_______________(please) she felt! But even more 11) _______________ (thrill).

Раскройте скобки и переведите предложения на русский язык.

1. The motor (be) in good order, we could start at any moment. 2. All questions (settle), we parted. 3. It (be) very late, we went home. 4. My brother (finish) writing a letter, I posted it. 5. There (be) nothing to do, we rested a little. 6. The weather (be) windy, we did not risk crossing the bay. 7. The tank (fill) at last, Tom started the motor. 8. There (be) no time left, we must hurry. 9. A private sitting-room (be) engaged, the bedrooms inspected, an dinner ordered, the party walked out to view the city and adjoining neighborhood. 10. The commander (be) given the order, the general rode off. 11. There (be) no further preliminaries to arrange, the company went home in twos and threes. 12. His habit (be) to rest after dinner, we dared not disturb him. 13. My friend (be) very busy, I could not see him. 14. The servants (be) sent away, the conversation began. 15. This much (agree) upon, the members proceeded with the discussion. 16. But nobody (be) in sight, they again closed the door and refastened. 17. Such (be) the result, the public interest in the affair will be readily understood. 18. The steel pipes (embed) in the base, the whole structure is very stable. 19. Cutting is effected by the backward stroke, the frame (be) hydraulically lifted from the work on the forward stroke, thus reducing wear on the blade to minimum.

Переведите следующие русские причастия и деепричастия на английский язык.

Приносящий, принесенный, принося, принеся, переводящий, переведенный, переводя, переведя, давая, написав, читающий, берущий, данный, прочитав, сделанный, пьющий, сказанный, будучи потерянным, нарисовав, написавший, делая, взятый, взяв, рисуя, выпитый, сделав, идя, пишущий, прочитанный, дав, делающий, выпив, говорящий, беря, написанный, читая, идущий, дающий, сказав, сидевший, посмотрев, будучи забыт, строящий, строящийся, играя, поиграв, рассказанный, рассказавший, видя, принесший, будучи принесенным, построенный, продав, доставленный, обсужденный, прослушанный.

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