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Ex 8. Translate sentences with Participle I


1. Algol is a system being developed and intended to become a universal programming language. 2. The experiment having been made, everybody was interested in the results. 3. The approach being based on mathe­matical methods is concerned with structural considera­tions.4. Hav­ing introduced a purely mathematical definition of a sys­tem, let us now make precise another intuitive concept – that of a process. 5. Hav­ing been employed abundantly in many industrial process­es electronic computers show a notable example of progress contributing to the development of industry. 6.Having taken everything into consideration he decided not to go there.

 Ex 9. Translate sentences with Absolute Participle Construction

1. The temperature being raised, the kinetic energy is increased. 2. The evaporation increases with the temperature, other things being equal. 3. A very basic syntax is used with assembler language, with each line of coding being composed of two basic files.   4. The reaction must have taken place, with the data showing a change in the infrared region.5. Several extensions of the basic model having been made, we shall pursue the dynamic programming ap­proach. 6. With the structure of various companies beingj different, the model is often inadequate in each particular case. 7. With the question of representing information set­tled, the major design question becomes one of logic operations. 8. Some scientists do not distinguish between pure and applied mathematics, the distinction being, in fact, of recent origin. 9. The session was over, with many aspects of the problem left unsolved. 10. Computers are considered as the answer to automatic production with the other problems treated as peripheral in nature.                11. All factors considered, we believe that the mechanism is the most likely.


Ex 10. Translate sentences with Gerund  

1. There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your ownself (A. Huxley). 2. Besides being involved this procedure is very costly. 3. The reaction proceeding via another route was a surprise. 4. This is due to the reaction running at a low temperature. 5.They succeeded in getting reliable information on dealing with this type of error. 6. This is a result of our not having specified input or output variables for the network. 7. In spite of having met with failure they continu­ed experimenting. 8. Metals cannot be dissolved without being changed into new substances. 9. In addition to being a tool of science, mathematics is also an art form.   10. No art form can remain static without becoming sterile. 11. He has the reputation of having been a man of piety. 12. There was great danger of the changes being accepted as inevitable and final. 13. They insisted on the sample being tested repeatedly.           14. They objected to using greater voltage in this case.

Таблица 6

Формы инфинитива





Active Passive
Indefinite to write to be written
Perfect to have written to have been written
Continuous Perfect Continuous to be writing to have been writing to be being written to have been being written1

1 Употребляется редко.

 Ex 11. Translate sentences with Infinitive ( табл . 6)


1. It is a very hard undertaking to seek to please everybody. 2. To construct an experiment of this kind seems nearly im­possible. 3. To perform this work one must have all the necessary equipment. 4. Some molecules are large enough to be seen on the electron microscope. 5. Thomas was the first to focus attention on this type of reaction. 6. Our purpose here is to attempt to give an answer to the unsolved problem outlined at the outset. 7. The experiments described by Fisher to mention only a few indicate that the time paths can be considerably different. 8. The important thing is to understand what you are doing, rather than to get the right answer. 9. Also the programs to be verified will have to be well-constructed to make the job easier. 10. This correspondence dealt with books published or to be publish­ed. 11. To have got into the tradition of science in that way is to me more pleasing than to be specially mentioned. 12. A small computer company announced a computer small enough to set on a desktop and powerful enough to support high level language program­ming. 13. To handle these conditions results as derived in section 1 are needed too.


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