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Ex. I. Translate the terms with the prefix pre-

preproject, preconditioned, prestressed, prefabricated, predetermined, preselected, predominate, preamble, preschedule, prepunched, preload, preframed, precompression, prefinishing, prepacked.


Ex. II. Translate the following sentences

1. Knowing the subject by the student may be measured by a predetermined number of grades. 2. In the diesel engine the latent energy of the fuel is transferred by being injected into the predetermined quantity of air. 3. In case of a confined gas the pressure may be kept at any desired value and by the addition of heat the temperature may be raised to any predetermined point. 4. If x and y are the two arbitrarily prescribed numbers, then the corresponding point P is uniquely determined. 5. Pneumatic industrial robots are recognized as machinery which moves between two preselected points.         6. Among three kinds of business – manufacturing, selling, providing a service – the latter predominates. 7. The dimensions of the parts should be of the prescribed type.     8. Recreational activities are predominantly realized in large cities. 9. The function of existing parks is primarily the preservation and scientific observation of various ecological systems. 10. The first article of any contract is the preamble (преамбула) in which the names of the firms, the sides of the contract, are given.  

Ex. I II . Translate the terms with the prefix re-

reengineering, rerouting, reinforcement, rearrangement, readjustment, reproduce, recreation, realign, reclaimer, recalculation, reshape, remove, rebuilding.

Ex. I V . Translate the following sentences

1. Chemical reactions always represent a rearrangement of atoms into new molecules. 2. The strain in a body exceeding a certain value, the body will not recover completely its original state when the acting force is removed. 3. An automated lathe may be reprogrammed for fulfilling operations depending upon the needs of production. 4. The ability of robots to be easily taught or reprogrammed refers them to “clever” equipment. 5. In any sphere of business it is necessary to include remodeling into your onetime start – up costs. 6. Duly identified the spare parts should be re–issued to the appropriate departments for assembly. 7. When you buy equipment from a reliable supplier, you get the reassurance of getting machinery of high quality. 8. The task of all teaching machines is to reproduce features of many industrial processes. 9. Reinforced structures can bear heavier strains (напряжение). 10. For improving environment in large cities recreational areas are promoted including hikers (путешественник) paths, parking and playing areas and refuges (островки безопасности).


Ex. V. Translate the terms with the prefix dis-

dismantle, discharge, disconnect, disengage, dissolvent, dissolution, dispose, dislocation, disadjust, disalignment, disassemble, disboard, discoupling, disrepair, dispossess, displace, displacement.

Ex. VI. Translate the following sentences

1. Clutches are such devices which are employed to connect and disconnect shafts during their motion or at standstill. 2. The gears (the speeds) of the car are changed when the clutch is disengaged. 3. In chemical reactions the displacement of components according to the law of conservation of mass takes place. 4. The vertical displacement of the workpiece centre and the drill centre is about 2 mm. 5. If external forces are applied to a body, the mutual displacement of its particles take place. 6. In a gas separating apparatus for fuel oil supply system for the internal combustion engine a fuel discharge pipe is a very important part. 7. The disadvantage of this car is the consumption of great amount of fuel. 8. Dissolution of a firm may be in the case of retirement, bankruptcy or death of a general partner. 9. One of the articles of copartnership should be - distribution of assets and name of business if dissolved.        10. One of the terms of our order is the speed discharge of the quickly deteriorated (скоропортящийся) goods.


Ex. VII. Translate the terms with the prefix non-

Non-absorbent, non-additive, noncohesive, non-conducting, non-current, non-amplified, non-capacitive, noncorrodible, nonfailure, non-adjustable, nonbearing, noncoherent, noncontinuous, nonconventional, nondetachable, nondimensional.


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