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Ex.2. Put the verb in brackets in the Present Perfect or Past Simple tense

1. Have you heard the rules? They _______________(just/elect) a new manager.

2. Martha _______________(find) a new job. She is starting next week.

3. When ______________Simon _______________(arrive) at the cinema yesterday?

4. John is a well-known artist. He ______________(paint) a lot of pictures.

5. John ________________(paint) his first picture in 1980.

6. Mike _______________(win) more than 20 medals when he was a sportsman.

7. I ________________(see) Sting last year.

8. I ______________(speak) to Celine Dion.

9. I _______________(write) 5 letters this week.

10. I ______________(read) this book a month ago.

11. He _______________(still/not/buy) a computer.

12. They ________________(yet/not/find) the way out.

13. _______________you ______________(write) this translation yet?

Ex. 3. Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous

1. What ____________you ______________(look) at? –Some photos I __________(take) when I _____________(be) on holidays.

2. I _______________(be) sorry, but I ______________(not understand) what you _____________(mean).

3. What ___________Jane_____________(do)? – She ______________(be) a teacher, but she ______________(not teach) at the moment.

4. He never _____________(smoke) and ___________usually __________(not eat) meat.

5. Last time I _____________(go) abroad was when I ______________(go) to London. We _____________(stay) in London for three days. On the first day when I ______________(do) the sights, I _____________(meet) my old friend. He ___________just______________(go) to his hotel when we ___________(come) across.

6. ___________you ____________(often, go) to the gym? – I _______________(not go) much at the moment, I ____________(not have) time. I ____________(be) too busy these days. But I ___________(want) to go to the gym next week.

7. Tomorrow Kate _____________(visit) her aunt, that’s why now she _____________(make) a cake. It _____________(smell) delicious! When Kate ____________(visit) her aunt last week, she _______________(buy) some pastries from the baker’s, but they _____________(not be) that good.

Ex.4. Complete the conversation. Use some, any or no.


A: I’m making ___________coffee. Would you like _________?

B: No, thanks. I’m going shopping. What do we need?

A: Well. We haven’t got ___________bread.

B: Have we got _____________cheese?

A: No, we haven’t. And there aren’t __________eggs.

B: Is there ___________tea left?

A: No, there’s ____________tea. And we haven’t got ___________rice.

B: Right. Bread, cheese, eggs, tea and rice.

A: Have you got enough money?

B: I’ve got_______________, but not much. Can you lend me ___________?


Ex.5. Supply one of the compounds with some-, any- and no.


1. At the party you’ll see ______________you haven’t met yet.

2. I’m not going to see him because I have ______________important to report.

3. I was late. I found____________in the house.

4. I think there’s _____________wrong with my watch.

5. Is there ________________at home?

6. The doorbell rang but there was ____________there.

7. I know ______________at all.

8. _____________can become a member of the club by paying a subscription.

9. When we get there it may be too late to do ______________.

10. ______________has been here before us.

11. “Why don’t you say ___________?” he demanded.

12. This is my affair and ____________else’s.

13. He looked at my pictures and didn’t say __________________.

Ex.6. Put the correct form of much, many, (a) little, (a) few.

1. You’ve made so _____________(много) mistakes in your test again! –Don’t be surprised, I had___________(совсемнемного) time to get ready for it.

2. Do you have ____________(много) time on Saturday?

3. I’m afraid we have too _____________(мало) flour to make a cake. –I think we can cook the cake, there is still _____________(немного) flour left.

4. I don’t have ___________(много) friends in Italy, but still there are ___________(много) people I’d like to see.

5. Don’t hurry, take as _____________(много) time as you need.


Пособия: Enterprise2, R. Muprhy “EssentialGrammarinUse” (красный), контрольные материалы по грамматике (распечатка).


Shops and shopping Enterprise 2 Unit 3

Jobs and occupations Enterprise 2 Unit 5

Danger in everyday life Enterprise 2 Unit 8


The Future

Modal verbs

Past Perfect Simple/Continuous




Допуском к экзамену является: 1) выполнение грамматических упражнений по указанным грамматическим темам (см. «Контрольные материалы по грамматике»); 2) выполнение кратких пересказов текстов из учебника “Enterprise”: Unit 3 (текст «Allthings, forallpeople, everywhere»); Unit 5 (3 текста из части Reading); Unit 8 (текст «Thegiantsquid»)


Эти материалы должны быть сданы в деканат не позднее

К устному экзамену студентом должны быть подготовлены следующие темы:

1. Your shopping habits, your favorite shop.

2. Different jobs. Your job.

3. Typesofdanger. A frightening experience you’ve ever had.





Ex.1 Underline the correct answer


A: Good morning, madam. May/mustI help you?

B: You might/mustn’tbe able to. I need a ball of wool that is the same color as my jumper.

A: Just a moment, please. I must/mustn’t look in the stock room. We might/might not have some left. I’m not sure.

B: The wool must/mustn’tbe exactly the same color, it must/mustn’tbe different.

A: Could/Mustn’tI ask you a question, madam?

B: Yes.

A: What do you want the wool for?

B: I could/mustfinish knitting this jumper. It only has one sleeve at the moment!


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