Read the article and put the correct expressions of obligation and permission into the gaps. Discuss the text. — КиберПедия 

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Read the article and put the correct expressions of obligation and permission into the gaps. Discuss the text.

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cannot ride / will not marry / will dress / shall sweep /

may not visit / may not travel / must be / must be at horns

/ should command / can only keep

At the beginning of the 20th century female teachers had a very restricted life. There was a set of "golden rules" that they had to abide by or risk instant dismissal. The rules were there to make sure teachers commanded authority and respect, but for women it meant sacrificing a lot of personal freedom. Nowa­days it seems quite incredible that such strict rules should be enforced on female teaching staff.

1. You ... during the term of your contract.

2. You ... company with other women.

3. You ... authority and respect from your pupils at all times.

4. You ... between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. unless attending a school function.

5. You ... ice-cream parlours at any time.

6. You ... in a carriage or automobile with any man unless he is your father or brother.

7. You ... the schoolroom floor at least once daily.

8. You ... in plain colours of grey or black and your dress ... no more than 1 inch above the ankles.

9. You ... beyond the city limits without the permission of the chairman of the board of school governors.



Test modal verbs


Don’t argue with her, you ___ her age. Need respect Have to respect Ought to respect Are to respect
You ___ it long ago. Must do Should have done Needn’t have done Are to do
This is serious; you ___ at it. Haven’t to laugh Should not laugh Don’t have to laugh Must not have laughed
There ___ an interesting concert last night, but I didn’t feel well and ___ home. Had to be/ had to stay Should be/ was to stay Must be/ ought to stay Was to be/ had to stay
According to the rules a football player ___ the ball with his hands. Must not touch Need not touch Don’t have to touch Must not have touched
The situation was dangerous. You ___ frightened. Should have got Must have got Have to get Need have got
We ___ to write and thank them for their hospitability. Must not forget Must not have forgotten Shouldn’t forget Don’t have to forget
Why ___ I know where he is? should must need ought
They ___ more polite. Need have been Should have been Must have been Are to have been
You ___ so much noise or you’ll wake up the baby! Must not make Must not have made Needn’t have made Don’t have to make
‘They ___ an excellent vacancy last week. You ____ an opportunity of getting it,’ he reproached me. Had/ mustn’t Have had/ might not have missed it Had/ shouldn’t have missed Were having/ couldn’t miss
He had to earn ___ living at ___ an early, ____? _____/ such/ hadn’t he His/ such/ didn’t he Himself/ so/ hadn’t he To/ so/ didn’t he
We ___ a camera because we never ___ a chance to use it. Might not have taken/ had Should not have taken/ have had Needn’t have taken/ had Mustn’t have taken/ had had
The line is busy; someone ____ on the phone now. Should be speaking Should have been speaking Must be speaking Can’t be speaking
You ___ this! See how ___ she is. Ought not to say/ distressing Ought not to have said/ distressed Won’t be able to say/ distressing Cannot have said/ distressed
He says that nothing ___, because it is too late. But I don’t believe a single word of his; they ___ us. Should do/ mustn’t have failed Can’t be done/ oughtn’t fail Mustn’t be done/ shouldn’t have failed Can be done/ can’t have failed
I managed to come here at half past six. But I ___. They ___. Needn’t have hurried/ had already left Needn’t hurry/ have already left Mustn’t have hurried/ had already left Shouldn’t hurry/ have already left
If she doesn’t take care of herself, she ___ have a nervous breakdown and ___ to hospital. May/ should go Can/ need to go May/ may have to go Must/ must go
He ___ his wallet himself, it ___ Might lose/ couldn’t be stolen May have lost/ can’t have been stolen Could have lost/ must not have been stolen Ought to lose/ shouldn’t be stolen
You ___ a message at least! We ___ for two hours. Should send/ waited Must have sent/ were waiting Could send/ have been waiting Might have sent/ had been waiting
The only trouble is that I ___ my exams in spring and ___ them now. Couldn’t have taken/ must have Couldn’t take/ must have Mustn’t have taken/ must have had Can’t take/ must have had
The plane ___ at 5 a.m. and in this hurry-scurry she ___ the tickets on the table. Had to take off/ can leave Was to take off/ must have left Was to take off/ needn’t leave Must have taken off/ shouldn’t leave
Why ___ he take the scandal on himself? It is not ___. Must/ fairly May/ fair should/ fair could/ fairly
You ___ to him. His information is ___. Shouldn’t listen/ misled Needn’t have listened/ misleading Can’t have listened/ misled Mustn’t have listened/ misleading
It is not worth ___to bed if he ___ at five. To go/ have to get up Going/ must have got up To have gone/ is to get up Going/ doesn’t have to get up
They have made me ___ that I ___ selfish about it. Think/ may have been To think/ must be Thinking/ might have been Thought/ should have been
It ___ late when I ___; there were no people in the street. Must have been/ was going back Must be/ am going Can’t have been/ was going Couldn’t have been/ went
You ___ worry, you ___ always rely on me in this matter. Must not/ need Need not/ may Can/ need not Should/ must
You ___ this device. It ___ dangerous. Couldn’t have touched/ may be Must not touch/ may be Shouldn’t have touched/ ought to be Needn’t touch/ must have been
I ___ my job. I ___ you before. Needn’t have put off/ should ask Shouldn’t have put off/ need to ask Needn’t have put off/ should have asked Shouldn’t put off/ should ask


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Индивидуальные и групповые автопоилки: для животных. Схемы и конструкции...

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