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Кормораздатчик мобильный электрифицированный: схема и процесс работы устройства...

Опора деревянной одностоечной и способы укрепление угловых опор: Опоры ВЛ - конструкции, предназначен­ные для поддерживания проводов на необходимой высоте над землей, водой...

Comprehensive Prolonged Project

Three students from the Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics are the participants of the International Youth Conference on Computing Technologies.


Day 1stMeeting People

Students from different countries are coming to the Conference. Get acquainted with the students from other countries. Introduce yourself and learn as much as you can about them.



Dialogue 1

A: If you are not too busy, come one evening and have dinner with us. I’ll introduce you to all my people.

B: Is your family large?

A: Yes, our family is quite a big one. There are eight of us. I have two sisters andthree brothers.

B: Are your sisters as pretty as you are?

A: Oh, they are both prettier than I am. Ruth is the prettiest girl I know. They both have long fair hair, but Ruth's hair is longer and fairer than Margaret's. Margaret is fatter than Ruth. She doesn't like you to say she is fat; and we tell her she will get thinner when she gets older.

B: Tell me about the others in your family, Freda.

A: Well, the youngest and the smallest one is Fred; heis the baby of thefamily. He is only four. Then there are Hans and Peter, the twins. They are exactly as old as each other, thirteen, and exactly as tall as each other, and they are so much alike that people can hardly tell one from the other.

Dialogue 2

N answers the door and shows in her friend, Ann.

N: Ann, meet the aunts and uncles, grannies and grandpas, the nephews and nieces, and all the rest.

A: Pleased to meet you all, I'm sure. My dear, what a big family you are!

N: This is only the immediate family. You're the only outsider here now. You will sit next to the oldest member of family present — my great-grandfather. Grandpa, dear. I’m going to put my friend in this seat near you.

GR.-GRANDF: The pleasure is all mine. Please sit down, my dear. Make yourself at home. So, Nadya must give me away at once and tell my age.

A: You don't look your age at all. So don't mind her.

GR.-GRANDF: A person is as old as he feels, they say. Still...

A: Nadya is your great-grand-daughter, isn't she? She's the exact image of you (there's a strong family resemblance between you) — of course, taking the difference in age into consideration.

GR.-GRANDF: Does she really look like me so much? I'm flattered. She's a good-looking girl, isn't she?

A: How wonderful it must be for you to look round the table and see four generations of your descendants!

GR.-GRANDF: We are a long lived family. Only your dear granny died young.

N: (to A) She was 50 when she died.

A: Your family, it seems to me, are very much attached to each other.

N: Well, more or less, I suppose.



1. A guest is shown into the house; afterwards he is shown (seen) out of house;

2. one’s immediate family – семья, состоящая только из ближайших родственников

3. The pleasure is all mine – I’m very pleased.

Dialogue 3

Interview with Mother

Interviewer: What's it like being a parent?

Mother: Bringing up children is very difficult. You always worry about them. You have to be very patient and put up with a lot - like noise and even criticism. And you can't always get throughto them - sometimes they just won't listen. But the advantages of being a parent outweigh the disadvantages. The main thing is to enjoy your children while they are young because they grow up so quickly nowadays.

Interviewer: How strict are you with your children?

Mother: I suppose I'm reasonably strict. They can't do what they like and get away withit, and I tell them offwhen they do something wrong.

Interviewer: And what is the secret of being a good parent?

Mother: I think you have to give them confidence and let them know you love them. And you have to set a good example through your own behaviour; otherwise they won't look up to you.

Interviewer: And what do you want for your children in the future?

Mother: I want them to be happy, and I want them to look back ontheir childhood as a very happy time in their lives.


Dialogue 4

(Twoyoung people, George and Ann,meet after a lapse of some years)

G: Did you receive my letter, Ann?

a: Yes, I did.

G: I wished to see you very much, Ann. I hope you'll not be displeased with me.

A: No, I'm very glad to meet you. It's a long time since we met last.

G: It is indeed. You have changed, Ann.

A: Have I? Am I like what you expected me to be?

G: No, you are much more beautiful than I thought.

A: Am I?

G: Yes, but do you know last night I was trying to fancy you as a…

A: Not a fat, blond girl, with round blue eyes and pigtails dangling down at the back of my head?

G: No, Ann,but as a tall girl with a mop of hair tied up in a bundle, with rouged cheeks…

A: Oh, yes! That's just like me, isn't it? You must have seen me before yon came here? Well go on. You're describing me so well.

G: Oh Ann, don'1 jeer at me. You can't imagine how glad I am to be mistaken. Your fair heavy braids are…

A: You know, George, when I got your letter I also tried to fancy you.

G: And is there any likeness between me and what you've fancied?

A: Yes, and a very striking one, I should say. I’ll tell you some time later.


Dialogue 5

A: How doyou like your co-workers?

B: One of my co-workers is an exceptional person. She always has a nice word for and about everyone. She is often the last person to leave the office and when she is at work she works at a steady and constant pace; but is always pleasant, nevertheless. She is very unassuming and tries hard not to inconvenience her co-workers.

A: But are they all so nice?

B: Not really! There's a former sea captain who works with us. He’s a complete waste of time. Even when he's sober we just keep talking past each other. It's like he's still on the bridge of a ship and I'm down in the engine room and the communication tube is broken. We just don't hear each other.

A: Sounds interesting. Any other characters?

B: The boss is an interesting old guy. Very European, very conservative and formal. He always sounds gruff and looks forbidding; but he’s really a very soft-hearted guy and very fair when evaluating his employees. But he does have his pet peeves.

A: Yes? What are they?

B: He really hates two things: he hates tardiness. He doesn't make us work veryhard, but he does want us there on time. The other thing he hates is seeing the women in the office wearing slacks. He says “viva la difference”.


Dialogue 6

Missing Person

Police officer: Police Department. May I help you?

Woman: I'd like to report a missing person - my grandmother.

Police officer: Your grandmother? OK.

Woman: Yes, she went out at three o'clock this afternoon. It’s already past midnight and she hasn't come back.

Police officer: Uh-huh. What's her name, please?

Woman: Mrs. Rose Baker.

Police officer: And... how old is she?

Woman: She's seventy-eight.

Police officer: OK. Now can you describe her?

Woman: Yes, she's about five feet tall.

Police officer: Five feet, uh-huh.

Woman: She has curly gray hair and she wears glasses.

Police officer: And what is she wearing?

Woman: Let me see. A red dress and a white jacket.

Police officer: A red dress and a white jacket.

Woman: Oh, and a little with flowers on it.

Police officer: All right. We'll call you...

Woman: (Clock strikes three) Oh, Grandma, it's you! I was so worried about you. It's three o'clock in the morning.

Grandma: Why were you worried? I was out on a date.

Woman: A date? With who?

Grandma: Mr. Franklin - my new boyfriend. He's only eighty-three!


To Role play:






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