III. Переведите следующие предложения, постарайтесь точно передать значение модальных глаголов. — КиберПедия 

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III. Переведите следующие предложения, постарайтесь точно передать значение модальных глаголов.

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III. Переведите следующие предложения, постарайтесь точно передать значение модальных глаголов. 0.00 из 5.00 0 оценок
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1. But while workers, whatever they may think of film and pop stars salaries can't do much about it, they can use their strength to win higher wages for them­selves, at the expense of the huge profits made by the employers. This is what the unions were created for, and what their members expect them to do.

2. Trade unionists who might have been tempted into the Tory camp by Mr H.'s claim to be their best friend should have a look at what another Tory leader said yesterday. The Tory Shadow Minister of Labor made it quite clear that he would use the law against the unions with quite as much relish as the present Gov­ernment. By letting it be known that they will vote against the compulsory powers in Part IV of the Price and Incomes Act, the Tories are trying to pose as the defend­ers of trade union freedom.

3. The chairman of a firm of timber importers, gently chided his fellow-industri­alists. He reminded them that some of the presidents of the larger Soviet trade corporations had told him that orders which might have been placed in Brit­ain had not been because either British exporters were unable to quote or were un­competitive.

4. The Prime Minister's famous victory last week against the rebels within his own party was surely cheaply won. His own performance may have been — indeed, must have been — more effective to listen to than to read later, for de­spite the fact that it was a speech for all seasons, containing something for every­body involved in the east-of-Suez dispute, it left unanswered or inadequately an­swered so many questions about Britain's future role in the world and how it is to be fulfilled, that the great debate is very far from conclusion. For all his political skill, the Prime Minister has only written another chapter, he has not closed the book.

5. Some excuse for the behavior of Tory chieftains might be provided if it could be shown that the leadership battle revolved round central issues of public importance. But throughout the dispute has been concerned with personalities and patronage-gang warfare in all its sterility.

6. Many past air crashes, as subsequent investigation has shown, could have been avoided. There are many points about the Innsbruck flight which need an answer. Perhaps the answers to these questions will be satisfactory. In this case every possible step may have been taken that could have been taken, and it may be shown that only a human error that could not have been foreseen caused the crash.

7. The Administration, which has been on its best behavior throughout the summer in not pressing Britain to reach an early decision on the multilateral nu­clear force, is now making it plain that it would welcome an immediate answer. Serious discussions are to begin next month with West Germany, Italy and others, and if Britain is not to miss the boat she must be ready to take part.

8. A threat to underdeveloped countries that they must pursue policies pleas­ing to the U. S. if they want financial aid was made in Washington yesterday by the U. S. Undersecretary of State. "If a country is to be able to achieve self-sustain­ing growth within a reasonable future," he told the annual meeting of the World Bank, "it will have to pursue realistic policies to acquire the capital it needs."

9. Our view is that if Britain and the Europeans are to achieve a constructive in­fluence in African affairs, it can be done only through the medium of the United Nations. That is the only forum in which the old colonial powers, the newly liber­ated nations, the Soviet Union and the United States can meet and deal with one another in the context of the law of the Charter.

10. Prospects of more election broadcasts for the Communist party could be im­proved as a result of recommendations in a report from the Speaker's Confer­ence on Electoral Law, issued yesterday. But these are recommendations and pres­sure will have to be maintained if they are to be transformed into decisions. Claim­ing that existing arrangements for allocating time at General Elections "are broadly satisfactory," the report suggests: "The broadcasting authorities should review the arrangements made for broadcasts at election times by minor par­ties."

IV. Переведите следующие предложения, обращая внимание на пе­ревод многозначных слов.

1. Whether it would be possible to negotiate arrangements to cover each case no one can say. But the chances are likely to be better with Britain a member of this organization.

2. Everywhere one travels in Africa, whether in the remaining colonial territo­ries or in the newly independent states, one cannot help being struck by the signs on every hand of the disastrous effects of the colonial system.

3. That resolution is similar to one defeated by a 47-vote a year ago and is ex­pected to be defeated by a wider margin this year.

4. In the case of the Union of Post Office workers a member could be ex­cluded from membership for up to twelve months since there was no provision for any stay pending appeal to annual conference.

5. The company is reluctant to consider the workers' demand for wage in­crease. What seems to be the case is that it wants to prevent any drastic steps being taken to interfere with their profit making activity.

6. The fact is that local industrialists were invited to become members of the board when it was set up, and it must have been obvious that they would not only be concerned with local development, but in some cases be personally involved.

7. Complicated legal issues which have arisen are being studied by the Attor­ney General's department which believes there is a case for damages against the tanker's owners.

8. Yet for large and small nations, their record in the General Assembly does provide a yardstick with which to measure the application of their publicly an­nounced foreign policy.

9. Mr H. is the only serious rival at present, and if politics was a science, he would be a formidable rival. He has a splendid record as a reform mayor and a courageous Senator.

10. Mr N. had been under fire from many sections of the student community for allegedly being out of touch with the problems of ordinary students, and his speech tonight was being regarded as a make or break bid to win back popular sup­port for executive policy.

11. The biggest problem, however, is likely to be on the wage front. How coop­erative will the unions be this summer as their demands culminate? A strong point is that the Chancellor of the Exchequer can now have as full scale and thorough a Budget as he thinks necessary.

12. The tourist potential is as yet largely untapped. But every effort is being made to develop the industry into a major foreign exchange earner. Apart from the existing facilities, the National Development Corporation is embarking upon a major program for tourist accommodation facilities.

13. Mr P. says that only the pro-Market case has been put by the "giant com­bines that now control the British Press," and that as a result many Six opponents have been brainwashed into a false sense of loneliness.

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