The expressions below occur in Reading 3. Match the corresponding Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations from the text. — КиберПедия 

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The expressions below occur in Reading 3. Match the corresponding Russian equivalents to the following English words and word combinations from the text.

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Поможем с курсовой, контрольной, дипломной, рефератом, отчетом по практике, научно-исследовательской и любой другой работой


the gist of; so of a piece with; irrespective of; as denials go; for one thing; for another; reveal that; if we are to believe smb; eventually; as the basis for; like the rest of us; pretty much sums up; onwards; soon after, though, there came a rebuttal; on the other hand; this was followed by; finally; admittedly; by some accounts; for his part; continued with; and so it continues; but very little else if anything; but since I’m(not) anti these things; for my own part; to be specific; but I know in my bones; in the wake


1. The course is open to anyone (независимо от) age.

2. All criminal libel against the candidate was positively denied but (по мере того как опровержений становилось меньше) hesitations remained.

3. After endless wavering he (признался, открылся) he had kept all the facts in secret because of her.

4. If you managed to catch (основное содержание) of the article you will surely translate it correctly.

5. (Прежде всего) these qualities characterize him as a respectable man and (потом уже) as a fair politician.

6. The weather (если верить) the latest forecast is going to be fine on the weekends.

7. The situation appeared to be (настолько похожа на то) what we anticipated that we were barely surprised

8. Officials despite of the post (как и все остальные) like to be praised and valued.

9. We must admit that our last expedition (просто подытоживает) all strenuous labor of the former failures.

10. The news was like a bolt from the blue, we’ve put absolute trust in him and he (в конечном итоге) turned out to be a complete trickster.

11. All my previous notes, articles and other publications were successfully used (в качестве основы) of my first book.

12. A sport committee charged a famous sportsman with drug addiction (и хотя вскоре последовало опровержение) his spotless reputation was hopelessly ruined.

13. He challenged to publish his first story in a weekly magazine, (за этим последовала) a collected edition of short stories and poems and (наконец) he issued his full-value novel.

14. (Общеизвестно) practically every scientific breakthrough at first is regarded as a risky venture.

15. On the one hand we’d better vote for him but (с другой стороны) god only knows if he is going to keep his promises after winning the elections.

16. From the start up and (далее) our business was surprisingly successful and beneficial.

17. (По некоторым оценкам) the firm competitor was going to take over its less fortunate rival.

18. The prize winner was welcomed with a storm of applause and the president (со своей стороны) granted him a valuable monetary remuneration.

19. (Но мало что еще, если вообще что-то) we could add to all mentioned above.

20. A passion for collecting coins first gripped my great grandfather, the tradition of picking something (была продолжена) collecting stamps by my father (и так это продолжается) until now with my son collecting buttons.

21. The report delivered at the annual meeting was complete and comprehensive but I (со своей стороны) would like to add some more details (чтобы быть точным).

22. There are a lot of people who quite legally go in for hunting and fishing (но поскольку я не против подобных вещей) I can’t understand why it can’t be sold in the shops.

23. The accused is swearing that he is innocent and that he is slandered (но у меня нет ни тени сомнения) that he is telling lies.

24. It’s no wonder that the top manager of the firm has stepped down (вследствие) of the scandal.


25 Find the Russian equivalents for “egg” word combinations in [A] and idioms with “egg” in [B]. Use them in sentences of your own.


[A]. Expressions with “egg”


addled / rotten egg варить яйца-пашот (без скорлупы в кипятке)
lightly boiled / soft(-boiled ) egg варить яйца
hard-boiled egg яйцо всмятку
scrambled eggs тухлое яйцо
to boil eggs высиживать яйца
to fry eggs проверять свежесть яиц на свет
to hatch / incubate eggs крутое яйцо
fried eggs сырое яйцо
ham and eggs яичница-болтунья, омлет
raw egg яичница с ветчиной
to beat eggs (to whisk eggs) делать яичницу
to candle eggs яичница-глазунья
to lay eggs нести яйца
to poach eggs взбивать яйца



[B]. ‘Egg Idioms’

a bad egg "любишь есть яйца, примирись с кудахтаньем кур"; ≈ любишь кататься, люби и саночки возить
better an egg today than a hen tomorrow нечто несколько подпорченное, но не совсем негодное
the curate's egg 1) молодец, молодчина; славный малый 2) отличная штука good egg это практически невыполнимое дело
he that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens "положить все яйца в одну корзину", рисковать всем; ≈ поставить всё на одну карту
have all one’s eggs in one basket что-л. не оправдавшее ожиданий; неудача, провал
it is very hard to shave an egg "лучше яйцо сегодня, чем курица завтра"; не сули журавля в небе, а дай синицу в руки
lay an egg мерзкая личность, скотина
a rotten egg 1) ступать, действовать осторожно 2) быть в щекотливом положении
a tough egg грубиян; опасный противник
tread on eggs 1) сбросить бомбу; 2) с треском провалиться (о выступлении, спектакле и т.д.



Cooking practice

Revise [A] - cutting verbs and [B] – cooking words: 1. Give the corresponding Equvalents in Russian; 2. Provide each of them with at least three examples


[A]. Cutting verbs:

Cut -

Sever -

Slice -

Peel -

Chop -

Grate (grind) -

Dice -


[B]. Cooking words

Beat, whisk

Fry -

Boil -

Bake -

Roast -

Microwave -

Grill/broil -

Simmer -

Steam -

Toast -

Poach -

Barbecue -

Stir-fry -

Saute -

Chargrill -

Stew -


27 Arrange words below into word combinations:


A clove of celery

A fillet of butter

A knob of Fish

A pinch of garlic

A rasher of salt

A spring of lemon

A stick of bacon

A wedge of parsley


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