Exercise 7. Study the model. Compose your own sentences and arrange them logically to make a short report on your studies at the University. — КиберПедия 

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Exercise 7. Study the model. Compose your own sentences and arrange them logically to make a short report on your studies at the University.

Model: We write tests every week. There is a fifteen minute break.

Regular classes We lectures are over have English start take exams study math/physics take exams take courses in drawing attend classes at …a. m/ p.m. on Monday. three times a week. once/twice a week. twice a year. for lunch. in January. every day

Exercise 8. Express your point of view on the following activities and form your own sentences as many as possible.

I find it hard/difficult I find it useless I find it impossible I think it my duty I believe it necessary I consider it reasonable/ wrong I consider it my honor I suppose it challenging -to be a BMSTU student. - to join innovative research. -to attend regular lectures. -to take courses in humanities. -to take courses in engineering subjects . - to be involved in research for undergraduates. -to be good at mathematics and physics to become an engineer. -to take compulsory hours of sport every day. -to be assessed by regular progress tests. - to be provided with on-campus accommodation.


Exercise 9. Which pieces of advice appeal to your heart most of all? Name those that could guide the students during the whole course of education.

Tips and advice for undergraduates 2016

It’s highly desirable It is undesirable It’s vitally important It’s (hardly) necessary - for a student to earn Master’s degree. -for undergraduate to attend regular lectures in academic subjects. - for graduates to be involved in cutting edge research . - to be technically minded to become an engineer. -for BMSTU students to be interested in engineering challenges. - for students to miss lectures and laboratory sessions. - to undertake assignment in advance


Exercise 10. Describe the experience of being a BMSTU student (September 2016)

  I/ He /She to be calm to be very nervous to be a bit worried to be tired of to be impressed by to be glad to be disappointed to be sorry about to be proud of to be happy about to be delighted with to be lucky to be hungry to be smart to be lazy - to make a report. - to be assessed by progress test. - on Friday on the last lecture. - the new facilities and equipment. - to attend regular lectures. - to get top marks in maths. - to be provided with on-campus accommodation. - to be offered new courses. - to have access to many extra-curricular activities. - the achievements in the field of engineering. - reasonable prices of meals - to work hard - to undertake assignments in geometry - lectures conducted by our professors - after the classes in physics - during the laboratory session


Exercise 11. Open the brackets and write the verbs in the proper tense forms.

1. Не often (to show) ___________ new equipment in a laboratory.

2. Не (to show) ___________ new equipment in a laboratory tomorrow.

3. Не (to show) ___________ new equipment in a laboratory last week.

4. This University (offer) ______ many courses ten years ago.

5. The supervisor (teach) __________ undergraduates in small groups last year.

6. Students (demonstrate) _________ a new device in a laboratory yesterday.

7. At the lecture last Monday they (make notes) _________ to explain the phenomenon.

8. A college as a rule (to provide) __________ facilities, food and accommodation for students.

Exercise 12. Ask all types of questions:

a) in Present Simple

Undergraduates attend lectures in physics every Friday.

b) in Past Simple

Undergraduates attendedlectures in physics last Monday.

c) in Future Simple

Our lecture in physics will begin at 9 a.m. next week.


Exercise 13. Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

Model: The Professor giveslectures in English.

Lectures are given in English.

1. According to the curriculum they study most of the specialist area subjects in the 9th term.

2. They give the undergraduates an opportunity to choose their specialist area.

3. Undergraduates take courses in drawing, strength of materials, computer aided design and other engineering subjects.

4. Scientific research involves experimental work, data analysis and statistics.

5. Graduatesconductresearch in well-equipped laboratories, workshops, wind tunnels and other state-of-the-art facilities.

6. Lectures in Chemistryrequire instructions and supplemental materials.

7. Teachersassessstudent performanceand their academic progress by regular tests.

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