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Text 1 special services and hotel facilities

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Nowadays, large, modern hotels contain not only guest rooms, but many other facilities as well. They usually contain restaurants and cocktail lounges, shops and recreational facili­ties for social functions, conventions and conferences — ball­rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms of different sizes, exhibit areas and so forth.

Not so long ago, convention facilities were ordinarily found only in large cities or in intensively developed resort areas like Miami Beach. Nowadays, they are more often included in re­sort hotels so that the people who attend conventions there can combine business with pleasure.

Another trend in the hotel industry is the construction of the self-contained resort complex. Recreational facilities are another feature of many hotels and motels. A swimming pool is the most common of these, particularly in warmer climates and in resort areas. A swimming pool in front of the building is a form of advertisement for motel in places such as Florida, California, Egypt, Turkey and other resorts. Other recreational facilities include tennis courts and golf courses at resort hotels. Many resorts are designed for winter sports such as skiing and ice skat­ing; others provide horseback riding and other outdoor activities.

Casinos, wherever they are legal, are another feature of some hotels. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the hotels feed, house and entertain guests, but the real profits come from the casinos. In Puerto Rico and other places, gambling usually acts as an addition­al, rather than principal, attraction for hotels.

A few hotels, most of them in resort areas or large cities, include nightclubs as a part of their operation. Sometimes the nightclub is rented out to a concessionaire, but in other hotels it is the responsibility of the food and beverage department or of a special staff. A nightclub offers entertainment, such as dancing, a singer, a band, or a floor show, in addition to food and drink. The engagement of a well-known entertainer obviously gives the hotel an excellent promotional opportunity. The hotels in the gambling resort of Las Vegas, Nevada, for example, publicize not only the entertainers in their nightclubs, but also the huge salaries that they receive, perhaps on the theory that the higher the fee, the better the entertainer.

All of these recreational facilities require the employment of additional personnel. Necessary swimming-pool maintenance is often contracted out. Golf courses must be carefully tended by a special staff of groundskeepers. Horses require stables and grooming. Many resort hotels hire professional athletes to give lessons to the guests in tennis, golf and skiing. Other employees include riding instructors and guides for hikers and campers. Lifeguards are often necessary at swimming pools and beaches.

Catering, providing food and drink for transients, has always gone together with accommodations. Food services are a feature of hotels. The typical modern "packaged hotel" includes a restaurant, a coffee shop for quicker and less expensive meals, and a bar or cocktail lounge. Many larger hotels have several res­taurants, often featuring different kinds of foods, as well as different prices. Hotels also normally provide "room service" — food and drink that are brought to the guest's room. In addition, catering service provided in the hotel's recreational areas. The poolside bar and snack bar, for quick food, are normal parts of the service at a resort hotel. So, restaurants, bars and night clubs outside the hotels are a standard feature of the resort scene. They provide not only catering, but also some kind of entertainment for the tourist who is bored with the limits of hotel life.

Large urban hotels also provide special services for businessmen. A commercial hotel, for example, can provide a stenographer to take dictation and do typing for the travelling busi­nessman. Some luxury hotels also give the guests access to copying, internet, modem points, facsimile machines, computers with printer, scanner, word processor and other machines. Many large hotels also have a notary public on the staff to verify the signatures on documents.

The list of special services offered by hotels is long. These services differ according to the location and the clientele of the hotel; luxury hotels offer the greatest range of services. This is, in fact, what makes them luxury hotels.

(by E.J. Hall)

Comprehension questions:

1. What are some of the different varieties of accommodations that are available to travellers nowadays?

2. What facilities are usually available in large, modern hotels?

3. What is a "self-contained resort complex"? Give examples.

4. What is the relationship between hotels and gambling in some places?

5. Give examples of a resort development that includes many different kinds of accommodations.

6. What catering services are available in different kinds of hotels?

1. What business facilities can big hotel provide?

7. How and why are hotel nightclubs operated? What do night clubs offer?

8. What promotional opportunities does a night club give to the hotel?

10. What are some of the personal services offered by hotels?

10. What are some of the services hotels offer for travelling businessmen?

11. What kind of hotel offers the greatest range of special services?


1. Phonetic Drill. Transcribe and pronounce correctly:

Recreational, particularly, advertisement, horseback riding, signature, cocktail lounge, exhibit, isolated, casino, restaurant.

2. Find English equivalents in the text and use them in the sentences of your own:

(1) условия для отдыха

(2) выставочный комплекс

(3)условия и оборудование для проведения конференций

4.быстро развивающийся курорт

(5) сочетать дела и от­дых

(6) направление

(7) реальный доход

(8) питание

(9) об­служивание в номере

(10) законный бизнес

(11) катание на лошадях

(12) отдых на свежем воздухе

(13) развлекать гостей

(14) скорее дополнительный, чем основной доход

(15) более быстрая и дешевая еда

(16) закусочная

(17) бар, расположенный у бассейна

(18) специальные услуги для деловых людей

(19) доступ в Интернет

(20) нотариус

(21) фак­симильный аппарат

(22) заверять подписи

3. Give the derivatives to the following words:

(1) modern (2) to exhibit (3) industry (4) to provide (5) to entertain (6) additional (7) service (8) to include (9) catering (10) luxury

4. Learn synonyms to the following words:

To accommodate (v) — 1) to make room, lodging — to board, contain, entertain, furnish, house, shelter, take in, welcome; 2) to perform service — to afford, aid, assist, benefit, comfort, indulge, pamper, please, provide, supply.

Luxurious (adj) — affluent, indulgent, deluxe, extravagant, fancy, grandiose, gratify, lush, magnificent, gratifying, immoderate, lavish, majestic, pretentious, rich, splendid.

Recreation (n) — (sports, games, special interest) — amusement, avocation, disport, enjoyment, ease, diversion, entertainment, festivity, jollity, pastime, playtime, refreshment, relaxation, repose, vacation.

5. Match the words on the left with their definitions on
the right:

1. resort a. to risk (money, property) on the result of the uncertain such as a card game, a horse race etc.

2. to cater b. a place where people regularly go for holidays

3. to gamble c. a place where people play cards or other games for money

4. casino d. to provide and serve food and drink at a public or private party

5. convention e. a group of people gathered together with a shared purpose

6. Explain the meaning of the following terms:

— Full board or enpension,

  • Half-board or demi-pension,
  • Bed and breakfast (B&B) or continental plan,
  • European plan,
  • Fitness centre,
  • Business troley,
  • Security staff.

7. Give the detailed retelling of the text.

8. Learn the following abbreviations:


AE — American Express

AC — Access

ВС — Barclaycard

CB — Carte Blanche

DC — Diners Club

DS — Discover

EC — Eurocard

ER — En Route

JC — JCB International

MC — Mastercard

VS – Visa


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