Exercise 3. State whether the boldfaced word is an adverb, a conjunction, a preposition, or a postposition. — КиберПедия

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Exercise 3. State whether the boldfaced word is an adverb, a conjunction, a preposition, or a postposition.

1. They were reluctant to interfere in their niece's private affairs. (Lindsay) 2. A cool March air came in through the revolving door whenever the page-boy passed the guests in or out. (Baum) 3. She came back with a package and got in and we drove on. (Hemingway) 4. Bertine and I are just on our way home, truly. (Dreiser) 5. After dinner they sat about and smoked. (Aldington) 6. After she had left me I brooded on my situation. (Clark) 7. A little before midnight the thick fog that had been falling over the city became rain. (Saroyan) 8. She thought for a moment before she replied. (Trollope) 9. You have never worked at anything like this before, have you? (Dreiser) 10. I was born there, but have never been there since I was a baby. (Trollope) 11. I knew him well, but it was some years since, and I valued him as a man of singular probity and spirit. (Trollope) 12. On one point they were in agreement — George had degenerated terribly since joining the army. (Aldington) 13. At other times he was working in his vineyard from dawn till the heat drove him to rest and then again, when it was a trifle cooler till dusk. (Maugham) 14. After tea she fulfilled that promise to herself and took Jon up the hill. (Galworthy) 15. Rinaldi picked up the candle, lit it and went on reading. (Hemingway) 16. He glanced up reproachfully, caught the comic lift of her eyebrow just like their father's, laughed and felt better. (Galsworthy) 17. Lady Anna stood at the open window, looking across at the broad field and the river bank beyond... (Trollope) 18....there was a little hill and beyond a stone wail, an apple orchard. (Hemingway) 19. What, after all, did an extra five minutes matter? But he would pretend to himself that they mattered beyond measure. (Mansfield) 20. But he missed Fleur, who came down last. (Galsworthy) 21. The sun was going down and the day was cooling off. (Hemingway)

Exercise 4. Define the part of speech the boldfaced words belong to.

1. The only thing is to cut the knot for good. (Galsworthy) 2. I have only just come. I have not seen him yet. (Shaw) 3. Carrie said nothing, but bent over her work. (Dreiser) 4. It seemed to him that life was hollow, and existence but a burden. (Twain) 5. You never talk anything but nonsense. (Wilde) 6. He could not go on living here alone. (Galsworthy) 7. For your suggestion alone I could have you court-martialed. (Heym) 8. Clare had made one of her greatest efforts. (Galsworthy)- 9. With age one suffered from the feeling that one might have enjoyed things more. (Galsworthy) 10. The lieutenant's exile was to be only a temporary one. (Lindsay) 11. He steeled himself with that phrase, and tiptoed on; but the next door was harder to pass. (Galsworthy) 12. His tone was different from that of his friends. (Snow) 13. The startling discovery so terrified her that she could hardly repress a sound. (Hardy) 14. He ate all thatwas placed before him... (Dickens) 15. Look roundthis room. (Dickens) 16. They were only five at a round table, and it was very pleasant indeed. (Dickens) 17. I have just returned from my round of m.edical visits... (Collins) 18. At that moment the woman at the fire turned round. (Mansfield) 19. Columbus intended to round Africa and thus find a waterway to India. 20. Once we got inside the dressing-room, Jack lay down and shut his eyes. (Hemingway) 21. And life, unfortunately, is something that you can lead but once.(Maugham)



Exercise 1. Define the kinds of sentences according to the purpose of the utterance.

Laura was terribly nervous. Tossing the velvet ribbon over her shoulder, she said to a woman standing by, "Is this Mrs. Scott's house?" and the woman, smiling queerly, said, "It is, my lass." Oh, to be away from this! She actually said, "Help me God!" as she walked up the tiny path and knocked. To be away from these staring eyes, or to be covered up in anything, one of those women's shawls even! I'll just leave the basket and go, she decided. I shan't even wait for it to be emptied.

Then the door opened. A little woman in black showed in the gloom.

Laura said, "Are you Mrs. Scott?" But to her horror the woman answered, "Walk in, please, miss," arid she was shut in the passage. "No," said Laura, "I don't want to come in. I only want to leave this basket."

The little woman in the gloomy passage seemed not to hear her. "Step this way, please, miss," she said in an oily voice, and Laura followed her. (Mansfield)

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