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Mining Education in Great Britain


At present in Great Britain there are a number of universities and colleges which give instruction in mechanical engineering, mining, metallurgy, etc. These institutions provide full-time and part-time education. It should be noted that technical colleges con­fer diplomas' on college graduates.

A university graduate leaves with the degree of Bachelor of
Arts or Bachelor of Science,2 which is an academic qualification
awarded by universities. [

For example, the University in Cardiff has become one of the largest in Wales. It is one of the four colleges which together with the Welsh National School of Medicine form the University of Wales. There is the Mining Engineering Department in the Univer­sity of Wales. The Department deals with the whole range of extrac­tive industries such as coal and metalliferous mining, quarrying and oil technology.

After graduating from the college a student can be recommended for entry to the university by a college authority and he can apply for admission to the university.3

At the Mining Department students may take several courses such as geology, mining engineering, mine surveying, quarrying, manage­ment studies and others. It has become a tradition that the courses are based on an intensive tutorial system. It means that students are allotted4 to members of the teaching staff5 for individual tuition separately in mining, in quarrying and in mine surveying. The system is founded on that* of the older universities of Great Britain.

At the Department of Mining Engineering of the Newcastle Uni­versity mining has now become a technically advanced profession. The Department of Mining Engineering trains industrially experienced en­gineers through various advanced courses in rock mechanics and sur­face excavation. For many years the Mining Engineering Department at Newcastle has recognized the need for highly-qualified engineers and realized that the courses in rock mechanics and surface excavation are of great importance for mining engineers.

At the University a student studies for three or four years. The
organization of the academic year is based on a three-term system
which usually runs from about the beginning of October to the
middle of December, from the middle of January to the end of
March and from the middle of April to the end of June or the be­
ginning of July. '

Students course is designed on a modular basis. Modules are self-contained 'units' of study, which are taught and assessed indepen­dently of each other. When a student passes a module, he (she) gains a credit. All modules carry a number of credits. At the end of the term, the number of credits a student gets, determines the award he (she) receives. Each module is continuously assessed by coursework and/or end-of-term examinations.

Admission to the British universities is by examination and se­lection. The minimum age for admission to the four-year course is normally 18 years. Departments usually interview all the candidates. The aim of the interview is to select better candidates.

Just over half of all university students live in colleges, halls of residence, or other accommodation provided by their university, another third lives in lodgings or privately rented accommodation; and the rest live at home.


1. confer diplomas— присуждают дипломы

2. Bachelor of Arts— бакалавр искусств; Bachelor of Science— бакалавр наук

— ученые степени, присуждаемые в Англии и США оканчивающим уни­верситет

3. to apply for admission to the university(college) — подать заявление о приеме

в университет (колледж)

4. are allotted— распределяются

5. teaching staff— профессорско-преподавательский состав

6. ... on that of the older universities— на системе (that — слово, замещающее

"the system") более старых университетов


22. Определите, капе предложения соответствуют содержанию текста.
Подтвердите свои ответы фактами из текста.

1. At present there are about a hundred technical institutions in
Great Britain.

2. It should be noted that British colleges confer degrees.

3. As a rule a college authority recommends the graduates for
entry to the university.

4. At the Mining Engineering Department of the University of
Wales the students study only metalliferous mining.

5. At the Mining Engineering Department the courses are based
on an intensive tutorial system.

6. The Mining Engineering Department at the Newcastle Univer­
sity has recognized the importance of teaching rock mechanics and
surface excavation (open-cast mining).

23. Ответьте на следующие вопросы:

1. Are there man> technical institutions in Great Britain?

2. What is the difference between colleges and universities?

3. Is the Mining Engineering Department the only one/in the
University of Wales?

4. Does the Mining Engineering Department deal only with
metalliferous mining?

5. Can a student enter the university after he has graduated
from the college? .

6. What courses are of special importance for mining engi­

7. What do you know about the organization of the academic
year at British universities?

8. When do the students take their examinations?

24. а) Найдите в правой колонке русские эквиваленты следующих сочетаний слов:

1. the mining engineering а) курсы по расширенной

department программе

2. the college authority б) рудоносные отложения

3. advanced courses в) средства производства

4. metalliferous deposits г) горный факультет

5. to encourage students д) открытые горные

6. to meet the requirements работы

of the University e) опытный инженер

7. means of production ж) администрация колледжа

8. management studies з) поощрять студентов

9. surface excavation и) отвечать требованиям
10. an experienced engineer университета

к) наука об управлении

б) Найдите в правой колонке английские эквиваленты следующих слов и сочетаний слов:*

1. зависеть от условий a) the manager of a colliery (mine)

2. значить, означать б) rock mechanics

3. признать необходимость в) the only quarry

(чего-л.) г) annual output

4. ежегодная производи- д) to be of particular importance
тельность (шахты) е) to depend upon the conditions

5. начальник шахты ж) to found a department

6. добывающая промыш- (school, system, etc.)

ленность з) to recognize the need (of)

7. представлять особую и) to mean (meant)

важность к) extractive industry

8. механика горных пород

9. единственный карьер
10. основывать факультет

(школу, систему и т.д.)

25. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, используя следующие слова:

Mean means meaning meant

1. Computer technique is one of the ... of modern planning and

2. By ... of computers and mathematical modelling it is possible
to process a hage amount of information in a short period of time.

3. Britain is not rich in mineral resources It ... that until recently
coal was the only fuel available in the country.

4. What do you ... to do? Are you going to have your practical
training at a mine or at an open-cast mine?

5. You know that the word range has several ...s.

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