Read these proverbs and try to give their Russian equivalents. — КиберПедия

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Read these proverbs and try to give their Russian equivalents.

Прочитайте эти пословицы и попытайтесь дать их русский эквивалент.

1. The less men think, the more they talk.


2. A man is judged by his foes as well as by his friends.


3. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.



A Court Talk

«Are you the defendant? » asked the judge.

«No, your honour», was the reply. «I have done nothing to be called names. I've got a lawyer who does the defending».

«Then who are you? »

«I'm the gentleman who stole the chicken».


defendant – обвиняемый

stole – украл

to call names – обзывать





I. Progress Check


Задания по формированию компетенций


Write short answers to these questions using just/already/ever/never/yet/not yet.

Model: Have you written the letter yet? – Yes, I’ve just written it. – No, I haven’t written it yet:

Вы уже написали письмо? – Да, я только что написал его. – Нет, еще не написал.

Have you …

1. … visited the Great Wall in China? – Yes, ____________. No, ______________.

2. … met a rock star? – ________________. ______________________.

3. … been on TV? – ________________. ______________________.

4. … written an article to the newspaper? – ______________. ______________.

5. … taken vitamin pills? – ______________. __________________.

6. … eaten English cheese? – ____________. __________________.

7. … travel to Egypt _______________________? ______________________________.

8. … buy a new car _______________________? ______________________________.

9. … learn French _______________________? ______________________________.

10. … give up smoking _______________________? ______________________________.

Complete the sentences with for and since.

Model: I’ve known my friend for four years. – Я знал (и знаю до сих пор) своего друга четыре года.

1. She has not got a holiday ______ June.

2. We’ve used this book _______ the beginning of the term.

3. He has been ill _______ two weeks by now.

4. I’ve had this watch _______ 2000.

5. They have been my neighbours _______ ten years.


Use Past Simple or Present Perfect.

1. I never (drive) ____________________ a car in my life.

2. She (leave) _____________________ her college two years ago.

3. We not (meet) ___________________ before. My name’s John.

4. When you (buy) _________________ your new house?

5. He already (write) ___________________ the letter. You can post it.

6. I (see) _______________ this film last month.


Underline the word which does not belong. Подчеркните слово, которое не подходит по смыслу

Model: finger ankle thumb – палец щиколотка большой палец руки

eyes toe nose ear

arm elbow eye thumb

waist back shoulder

knee toe foot hand

hair mouth eyes back


Say what you use these things to do. Для чего вы используете эти вещи?

shelter from the rain, keep hands warm, have a rest in, water the flowers, protect the eyes from the sun, keep warm in

Model: an umbrella/shelter from the rain – I use an umbrella to shelter from the rain.

зонт/укрыться от дождя – Я использую зонт, чтобы укрыться от дождя

1. an overcoat _________________________________________________________________

2. water ______________________________________________________________________

3. sunglasses __________________________________________________________________

4. sticky tape __________________________________________________________________

5. stamp _____________________________________________________________________

6. gloves _____________________________________________________________________

7. wallet _____________________________________________________________________

8. arm-chair __________________________________________________________________

9. car ________________________________________________________________________

10. garden ____________________________________________________________________

Say what these things are for. Для чего эти вещи?

take a bath, keep my clothes in, clean the teeth, sit at, wash the linen, take books from, greet those I love, shelter from the rain, wear in cold weather

Model: A garage is for keeping your car in. – Гараж – для содержания машины.

1. a library ____________________________________________________________________

2. a bath ______________________________________________________________________

3. a wardrobe __________________________________________________________________

4. a toothbrush _________________________________________________________________

5. a table ______________________________________________________________________

6. a washing machine ____________________________________________________________

7. a greeting card _______________________________________________________________

8. a warm coat _________________________________________________________________

9. an umbrella _________________________________________________________________


Use the correct preposition. - Используйте правильный предлог.

Model: We see the New Year in at midnight on December 25th.

1. ____ the eve of the Christmas Day we cook special food.

2. People decorate the New Year Tree _____ lights and special toys.

3. I’ve sent a greeting card to my son ____ the occasion of his birthday.

4. On December 31сt before midnight we see the Old Year ____.

5. People send greeting cards to those they are interested ____ to declare ______ love.


8. Find one or two words for each sentence. Найдите одно или два слова для каждого предло­жения.

1. I’ve got a headache.

2. My ____________ hurts.

3. I’ve got a sore _____________.

4. I feel ________________.

5. I’ve got a ________________.

6. I don’t feel ________________.


Match the items with the correct word. Поставьте нужное слово.

Pair bunch box bar packet bottle

1. a pair of shoes

2. a ___________ of jeans

3. a ___________ of coffee

4. a ___________ of chocolates

5. a ___________ of cough medicine

6. a ___________ of flowers

7. a ___________ of soap

8. a ___________ of biscuits

9. a ___________ of perfume

10. a ___________ of eggs

11. a ___________ of milk

12. a ___________ of bananas

Which word is different? Какое слово неверно занесено в этот ряд?

1. Hang gliding climbing motor racing chess

_______________________ chess ____________________________________________________

2. Wettest highest faster heaviest


3. Hand toothache leg stomach


4. Medicine ill dizzy sick


5. Leather wood light paper


6. Square rectangular round large



Rewrite these sentences with the past simple or the past perfect form of the verbs in brackets. Перепишите предложения в past simple или в past perfect.

1. After I (leave) the office, I (go) straight home.


2. When they (arrive) at the station, they (miss) the train.


3. She (walk) slowly because she (hurt) her ankle.


4. He (write) to me after he (have) the accident.


5. She (come) downstairs when she (change) her clothes.


6. She (be) late because she (get) lost.



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