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Translate the following word-combinations into Russian.

fourth reading

old legislation

important stages

difficult debate

local committee

last stage


Make up the missing parts of the sentences; matching the number of the words with the number of the blank.

1. The House of Lords does ________ ___________ for any committee to examine the bill.

2. During the report stage __________ _________ _________ amended ________ only if passed after its third reading.


5. Answer the questions on the text.

1. Where does new legislation in Britain usually start?


2. How many stages does a bill undergo?


3. What are the differences in the stages?


4. Where does the bill go after its third reading?



Now close the book and try to retell the text.


Translate the following sentences into Russian, using the topical vocabulary below.


Topical Vocabulary

An amendment – поправка

A disagreement – несогласие, разногласие

assent – одобрение, согласие

consent – дача согласия

to veto – запретить, наложить вето


Amendments made to a bill by the House of Lords must be considered and sent back to the House of Lords. In the event of persistent disagreement between the two houses, the House of Commons prevails. Finally, the bill goes to the reigning monarch for the royal assent. Nowadays the royal assent is merely a formality. In theory the queen could still refuse her consent, but the last monarch to use this power was Queen Anne, who vetoed the unpopular Scottish Militia Bill in 1707.  


Translate the following words into English.

Поправка - исправлять - исправляющий - исправленный - исправитель

Не соглашаться - несогласие - несоглашающийся

Отказать - отказ - отказывающий - отказанный

Вето - накладывать вето - налагающий вето - запрещенный посредством вето



9. Translate the following word combinations into English.

Непонятная поправка ______________________________________________________________

Серьезное разногласие _____________________________________________________________

Президентское согласие ____________________________________________________________

Запретить законопроект ____________________________________________________________


Make the missing parts of the sentences, matching the number of the blanks with the number of the words.

1. The House of Lords ____________ amendments to__________ _______, considers __________, and __________ ___________ to the Lords.

2. Commons prevails if _________ __________ __________ __________ .

3. The _________ _________ gives __________ __________ to the bill.

4. By vetoing the unpopular Scottish Militia Bill in 1707 Queen Anne demonstrated that _________ ___________ __________ her power to veto Bills.


11. Read the questions. You should answer them after you read the text. Прочитайте вопросы. Вам нужно будет ответить на них после прочтения текста.

1. Why was Hugh Boggs worried?


2. Where was his bicycle picked up?


3. When did he leave it?


4. How could the police find him?



Read the text.

His name and address was on the wheel

Hugh Boggs was worried all day. In the morning he received a letter from the police. They asked him to call at the station. Hugh couldn't understand why the police wanted him. He didn't do anything wrong. It was perhaps a mistake.

At the police station a policeman told him that his bicycle had been found. It was picked up in the hills in Wales about a hundred miles away. His name and address were written on the wheel.

The bicycle was sent to his home by train. Hugh was very much surprised when he heard the news. He was amused, too, because it was his old broken bicycle he had left behind last summer when returning to town after his holidays. Now when he receives his bike, he will have to think how to get rid of it again.


Find the equvalents. Найдите эквиваленты.

Полиция – _________________, колесо ______________, был удивлен ________________, должен подумать __________________, избавиться ____________________.



IV. Relax


Read the joke and try to understand it.

The lady or the tiger?

Once a king had decreed that every person accused of crime should be placed in a large room, where, in the presence of the king and the court he was to open one of two doors which were exactly alike. Behind one door was a hungry, man-eating tiger and behind the other a beautiful lady, dressed as a bride. If he opened the door which concealed the tiger he was considered to be guilty and put to death, if he opened the door which concealed the lady, he was considered innocent and was immediately married to her. No previous ties were allowed to be an obstacle to marriage. The disposition of the lady and the tiger was, of course, a secret.

Now it happened that a young noble man who was rather poor won the love of the king's daughter; and being suspected by the king was imprisoned and brought to trial before two doors. The princess discovered behind which doors the lady and the tiger were to be placed. She didn't want, of course, her lover to be eaten by tiger, but she also didn't want him to become the husband of some other lady.
At length her mind was made up. On the day of the trial she managed to signal her lover to open the right-hand door. This he immediately did. The author leaves the question to you: «Who came out of the opened door – the lady or the tiger?»

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