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Механическое удерживание земляных масс: Механическое удерживание земляных масс на склоне обеспечивают контрфорсными сооружениями различных конструкций...

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Different seasons – different clothes

There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings different weather and different dresses. When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts, light blouses and skirts, sport shoes, socks and sandals.
In summer people dress in this way in Africa, Russia, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain and America. In cold weather people usually put on warm clothes: jeans and trousers, sweaters and jackets, overcoats and caps.

In winter they wear fur coats and fur caps, high boots and mittens or gloves. The proverb says: there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. Another proverb says: everything is good in its season. When you think what to wear, choose the right dress. Think what is good at the sports ground and what is good at the party and why a long dress looks beautiful on a woman but is funny on a little girl. When you buy clothes, try them on, make sure that they are your size, that they suit you well and that you like their colour.

Notes to the text:

To put smth on– одеть что-либо на себя, но будьте внимательны: to take smth off – снять что-либо с себя

To wear– носить (одежду)

Имя существительное – clothes – в английском языке имеет форму множественного числа в отличие от русского языка e.g.: Your clothes arenice. Where are your clothes?

Задания по формированию компетенций


2. Answer the questions.Ответьте на вопросы.

1. What do you wear when it is hot?

2. When do you put on warm clothes?

3. What do you put on in winter?

4. What clothes are good at the sport ground?

5. What will you put on at the party?

1. _______________________________________________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________________________________________


Finish the sentences. Закончите предложения.

1. I usually wear on my feet ___________________________________________________

2. Men usually wear _________________________________________________________

3. Women usually wear ______________________________________________________

4. I wear _______________________________________ when it is hot.

5. I wear _______________________________________ when it is cold.


Describe yourself and what you are wearing at the moment. Use the Present Continuous Tense. Опишите себя, во что Вы сейчас одеты. Употребляйте the Present Continuous Tense.

I’m wearing comfortable shoes at the moment.







5. Make a list of clothes you have got which are:

Составьте список одежды, которая у Вас есть, которая:

Comfortable ___________________________________________

Warm ________________________________________________

Fashionable ___________________________________________

Smart ________________________________________________

Casual ________________________________________________


6. Read the questionnaire and answer the questions. What do your clothes say about you? Прочитайте вопросы и ответьте на них. Что Ваша одежда говорит о Вас?

1. You see someone with blue hair wearing a yellow jacket and red trousers. What do you do?

a) smile; b) laugh; c) wear the same clothes

2. You are going to an interview. What do you wear?

a) jeans; b) a suit; c) something comfortable

3. You’re going to work. What do you wear?

a) trousers; b) trainers; c) a jacket

4. You’re going to a party. What do you wear?

a) a jacket; b) a T-shirt; c) a suit/a dress

5. You’re buying a new jacket. What colour do you buy?

a) black; b) red; c) orange

6. You’re buying clothes for cold weather. Which is more important?

a) comfort; b) warmth; c) fashion

7. You want to give a good impression. Which style do you choose?

a) comfortable but smart; b) smart and formal; c) casual

8. What kind of clothes do you prefer?

a) cheap; b) expensive; c) fashionable

9. You’re going to play tennis. What do you wear for the game?

a) a tie; b) shorts; c) a sweater

10. It’s very hot at work or school. What do you do?

a) wear shorts; b) take off your jacket; c) do nothing


1. a2; b3; c1

2. a2; b3; c1

3. a2; b1; c3

4. a2; b1; c3

5. a3; b2; c1

6. a3; b2; c1

7. a3; b2; c1

8. a2; b1; c3

9. a1; b3; c2

10. a1; b2; c3


Add your scores and see….

21-30 points – you like to wear exactly what you want. Sometimes this may get into trouble.

11-20 points – you are quite casual. Sometimes you don’t wear the right clothes for the situation.

1-10 points – you’re very careful to wear the right clothes for the right situation.


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