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Grammar Review. Perfect Active


Now let’s repeat the forms of the Perfect tense group. The verb consists of to have +PII


  ''+'' ''?'' ''–''
Present I, you, we, they He, she the text. I, you, they she, he the text. I, you, we, they He, she not the text.
Past We by 6. we by 6. We by 6.
Future They it by the evening. they it by the evening? They it by the evening. Will not = won’t


Задания по формированию компетенций


Write the past simple and past participle of these verbs.

Verb Past simple Past participle

break __________________ ___________________

drive __________________ ___________________

buy__________________ ___________________

let __________________ ___________________

set off __________________ ___________________

fall __________________ ___________________

hear __________________ ___________________

leave __________________ ___________________

forget __________________ ___________________

win __________________ ___________________

steal __________________ ___________________

catch __________________ ___________________


Underline the best form of the verbs. Подчеркните правильную форму глагола

Model: I had an argument with my boss because I arrived/had arrived late at work every day last week.

1. The police stopped him because he drove/had driven through a red traffic light.

2. After he crossed/had crossed the border, he drove/had driven for five hours without stopping.

3. After he finished/had finished his report, he faxed/had faxed it to the head office.

4. He stole/had stolen the car from a car park in Oxford and sold/had sold it to a garage.


Underline the action which happened first. Подчеркните действие, которое произошло раньше.

Model: We got there on time but our friends had already left.

1. Her brother had become ill before she got there.

2. I bought these shoes after I had tried them on.

3. The train left when the guard blew his whistle.

4. The party had started when they arrived.

Underline the verbs in the past perfect tense. Подчеркните глаголы в the past perfect tense.

Model: I’d cut my finger so I went to the doctor.

1. It’d cost much more if you flew there.

2. She’d hit the policeman when he arrested her.

3. He’d put everything away unless you didn’t want him to.

4. If I were you, I’d read a magazine.

5. He’d set off before he looked at the map.


Put these sentences in the right order to make a story. Поставьте предложения в логическом порядке, чтобы получился рассказ.

a) After he had helped her climb out of the expensive vehicle, he asked her, ‘What do you think?’

b) But hopefully when your business improves, you’ll be able to afford something with four doors.’

c) ‘It’s not bad, I suppose,’ she replied.

d) He decided to take her for a ride.

e) A successful young businessman had just bought a new Porsche.



Join the sentences by rewriting them with after or because and the past simple and the past perfect. Соедините предложения, переписав их с after или because в the past simple и the past perfect.

Model: He packed his suitcase. He took a taxi tothe airport.

After he had packed his suitcase he took a taxi to the airport.

1. He stopped his car. The exhaust pipe fell off.


2. The guards wouldn’t let him cross the border. He forgot his passport.


3. He drove to work. He missed the bus.


4. He called the police. A burglar broke into his house.


5. He took his car to the garage to bemended. He set off for London.



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