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Read the text using a dictionary and answer the questions that follow it.

Philology faculty is divided into a number of departments at the Belarusian State University. Education is provided in 12 specialities, like Belarusian and Russian languages and literature, classical languages and ancient literature, Romance and Germanic languages, etc.

What makes a good teacher? First of all a teacher should have true interest in children and love for them. He must be a well-educated man with a broad outlook and deep knowledge of the subject. A teacher should have the quality of sympathy, kindness and an inquiring mind. He must be a stern but just, strict and hard-working person.

A philologist should teach his pupils to enjoy reading books, to encourage them in learning literature and language which is the source of any national culture. Reading books will help pupils in their self-education, in better understanding life and in solving different problems.

Many students of this department are engaged in scientific work. At the end of the fourth year the university undergraduates are sent for a few months to school some practical know-how in teaching.

The profession of philologist is quite diversified and the graduates of the faculty can work not only at secondary schools but also at the higher educational establishments, publishing houses, radio and TV. They may continue their studies at the post-graduate courses if they have a desire to become scientists. Many Belarusian writers are the graduates of the faculty.


Answer the questions on the text:

1. How many specialities does your faculty provide?

2. What speciality do you study?

3. How does your faculty help students develop their creative activity?

4. What makes a good teacher?

5. Do you work at any scientific problem?

6. What problems do you consider to be the most difficult for a phililogist in his work?



Text 4. historian

Read the text using a dictionary and answer the questions that follow it.

The Belarusian State University has the History Faculty. It was founded in 1934. At present 1225 students study there.

History (from Greek historia) is a process of development nature and society. History as a science studies the past of mankind in all its variety and concreteness. “Historia est magistra vitae”, said an ancient philosopher.

There are many historical subjects in our programme: Ancient History, the Middle Ages, Russian and Belarusian History, Modern and Contemporary History, etc.

History is a science which helps people understand and explain the processes going on in various aspects of human life. It also helps people foresee the course of events in future. But it is possible to study any particular period of history if one doesn’t know a lot about what preceded it and what came after it.

Historians study and describe the historic events taking place in different epochs and in different countries. Their descriptions and analyses should be strictly objective and scientific.

If we look at the historic past we can see that the entire history of human society is that of wars and struggle for power, as well as people’s revolts for better life and freedom. Wars in different times and in different countries, except just ones, were waged with the purpose of conquering other lands and peoples, with making profits on the resources of oppressed nations.

Since World War II a lot has been done by peace-loving nations to save the world from a new global catastrophe. But nobody managed to prevent local wars unleashed in different parts of the planet and taking away thousands of people’s lives. Peace and peaceful co-existence remain the key problem of our epoch.

The profession of a historian is quite diversified. The graduates of this Faculty can work as teachers and research workers at secondary and higher schools, different museums and archives. Many of them have become well-known scientist or have chosen public activity as their career.


Answer the questions on the text:

1. What faculty and year are you in?

2. Why do wars and revolts occupy a considerable place in human society?

3. What does history as a science study?

4. Why are you interested in history and what period attracts you most?

5. Where would you like to work after graduating from the University?



Text 5. ecologist

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