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Fill in the blanks with the correct subject pronoun.

1. Good morning. ... am Kelly and this is Alex. ... are in Class 9A.

2. Mr and Mrs Smith are from Canada. … are Canadian.

3. Ronaldo is from Brazil. ... is a football player.

4. This is Laura. … is my sister. … is eighteen years old.

5. You and I are both in class 9S, but … am thirteen and ... are fourteen.

6. That's the new Disney film. … is on at the Rex cinema.

7. This is Jack and this is Eliza. … are both in class 8C.

8. Simon and Vanessa are Australian. …'re from Sydney.

9. Your father's here. …'s in the garage.

10. You and your sister are tennis players. …'re very good.

3. Complete the dialogues with my, your, her, its, his, our, their.

1. A: Who is that? B: It's my girlfriend. … name is Flora.
2. A: Who's … favourite team, Jason? B: … favourite team? Manchester United, of course!
3. A: This is Jane and this is Dave. … dog is Buster. B: That's a funny name!
4. A: Is Mexico City very big? B: Yes. … population is 27,872,000.
5. A: Are you and Antonio Spanish? B: No, we're Italian. … family name is Moretti.
6. A: Susie! Clair! Come on, … mother's here! B: OK.
7. A: Where are these boys from? B: Scotland. … flat is in the centre of Edinburgh.
8. A: Do you live with … grandparents? B: No, I live in the city and … grandparents live in the country.

Complete the captions and speech bubbles with possessive adjectives and subjects pronouns.

5. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to be.

1. We … seamen. This … our vessel. The vessel … not very big. She … small and fast. Our ship … not at sea now. She … in the port. She … at anchor.

2. It … a classroom. The classroom … large and light. It … not free. The cadets … in the classroom. My friend and I … in the classroom too. We … busy with our English. The cadets … at their desks. The teacher … in the classroom too. She … not at her table. She … at the blackboard.

Make the sentences interrogative and negative.

1. He is on leave in the afternoon. 2. The second mate is in the port. 3. I am free today. 4. My friend and I are at our desk. 5. Oleg is at home. 6. The car is under repair. 7. She is responsible for this work. 8. We are late. 9. The cadets are on watch. 10. These documents are ready. 11. She is well today. 12. I am always busy.

Complete the questions and answers. Write the conversations.


the teacher / English? – Is the teacher English?
+ She / from Manchester – Yes, she is. She's from Manchester.
Hyde Park / near here? – Is Hyde Park near here?
–It / two kilometers away – No, it isn't. It's two kilometers away.


1. A: your sister / at school? …

B: – She / at university …

2. A: it / a museum? …

B: – It / an art gallery …

3. A: your parents / both doctors? …

B: – My mother / a doctor. My father / a vet …

4. A: we / in the same class? …

B: + You / in class 9 ...

5. A: You and your brother / good at football? …

B: + We / in the school team …

6. A: Their children / at school? …

B: – They / at college …

7. A: Your hotel / near hear? …

B: + It / in the next street …

8. Complete the dialogue with who, what, where and the correct form of to be.

A: Hi.

B: Hello.

A: My name's Dolores. … your name?

B: My name is Ali.

A: Pleased to meet you, Ali. … you from?

B: I'… from Egypt.

A: … you here for the welcome party?

B: Yes, I … .

A: … it?

B: It' … in Room 6.

A: … ... the people over there?

B: The people next to the window?

A: Yes.

B: They' … students too.

A: … they from? They …n't from this school.

B: They' … from "Grange Valley".

A: …'s "Grange Valley"? ... it a school?

B: Yes, it' … the local secondary school.

A: … it?

B: It's next to the swimming pool, on Valley Road.

A: Oh, I know. Come on. Let's go and talk to them.

Rewrite the sentences using the correct demonstrative adjective.

1. Who are these / those people over there?

2. Excuse me. Is those / this seat free?

3. Is this / that blonde girl in the next office your cousin?

4. Here you are. These / Those flowers will cheer you up.

5. I like these / that picture behind you.

6. Can I have copies of this / these photos?

7. I come here often. I like walking in that / this park.

8. You look good in these / those shoes.

9. See you here again, I hope. This / That club is great!

10. Pass me this / that CD, please.

11. I've got plenty of mineral water. Here, take this / that bottle.

12. Does this / that new jacket suit me?

13. Do you like these / those jeans up there on the top shelf?

14. Who was this / that boy in the café?

15. I can't walk in these / those boots. I'm going to take them off.

16. This / That restaurant across the square looks good. Let's go there.

17. These / Those English people at your party were great fun.

18. Is this / that diary on the table Lucy's?

19. What's this / that terrible noise?

20. Here you are. Are these / those maps of any good to you?


Prepositions of place

· Prepositions of place: in, on, under, next to, behind, in front of, between

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