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Nick's story about his working day

I'm a first-year cadet of the Marine Engineering faculty of the State Technical University. All cadets live in the college hostel. We get up at 7 o'clock. I wash my hands and face, brush my teeth and comb my hair. Then we put on our uniforms, clean our shoes, make our beds and tidy up our rooms. At 8 a.m. we go to the messroom and have our breakfast there. At 8:30 we line up for the morning inspection. After that we take our textbooks and note-books and go to the classes.

The classes begin at 9 o'clock. We have 6 lessons a day. The classes last till a quarter past two in the afternoon. We have short intervals between classes. I usually take some notes at the lectures. I try to get as much knowledge as I can. I work hard at engineering graphics and math as I find them quite difficult subjects.

When the classes are over we go to the messroom. As a rule we have some soup and fried fish or meat with vegetables for dinner. After dinner we clean the territory of the campus. Then we have consultation hours. As to me I attend consultations in engineering drawing and English. In the afternoon the cadets have time to look through their notes. I usually go to the reading room to prepare for seminars and practical lessons. Those cadets who want to keep fit go to the gym. As to me I'm fond of swimming and go to the swimming pool twice a week.

At 6 p.m. the cadets line up again and go to the messroom to have supper there. In the evening the cadets do their home-work for the next day. Some cadets try to relax in the evenings, so they listen to music, watch TV or read something. We line up for the evening inspection at 10 p.m. We go to bed late in the evening or near midnight. Twice a week we are on leave – on Wednesday and on Sunday.

Answer the questions about your daily routine comparing it with Nick's one.


1. Nick is a first-year cadet of the Marine Engineering faculty of the State Technical University. And you?

2. Nick lives in the college hostel. What about you?

3. All cadets get up at 7 o'clock. Do you get up at this time?

4. At 8 the cadets go to the messroom and have our breakfast there. Where do you have breakfast?

5. At 8:30 Nick and his friends line up for the morning inspection. Must you be present at it? At what time do you come to the University? How do you get there?


1. When the classes are over Nick goes to the messroom to eat dinner. What about you?

2. Do you take part in cleaning the territory of the campus?

3. Nick attends the consultations in some subjects. And you?

4. In the afternoon Nick prepares for seminars and practical lessons in the reading room. When and where do you prepare for the classes?

5. Nick is fond of sports. How about you? Do you go to the gym? Maybe you have another hobby?

6. How do you spend evenings?

3. Work in pairs. Ask your study partner about:

· his morning;

· his classes;

· his afternoon time;

· his evening.

4. Make up a dialogue according to the situation: "You meet your former classmate. He is interested where you study and how you spend your day because he wants to invite you to go out". Begin your dialogue with the following:

Classmate: Hallo, I haven't seen you since we left school. Do you work or study?


Classmate: As far as I know all cadets must live in the college hostel. What about you?


Classmate: So you get up very early every day.



Look at the different ways of telling the time on shore and at sea.

Complete the times.

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