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Ex. 4. Read the sentences and translate them.

1. As soon as snow melts away, the road master is to inspect the railway line to prepare a schedule (график) for repair work in summer.

2. Netherlands Railways has decided to purchase (=buy) a fleet of Sprinter emus to replace trains dating from the 1960s.

3. For the safety of running trains, all railways except the very short ones are divided into divisions. Divisions may be of different lengths.

4. Uralmash was converted into a joint-stock company at the end of 1992 with 1.8m shares (акции).

5. Moscow is a major junction: over 300 long-distance and 2,000 commuter trains depart from 10 Moscow railway terminals daily.

6. The invention of the steam locomotive changed bridge building because stronger spans were needed.

7. A marshalling yard is an area where individual cars, arriving from various points, are sorted according to their destinations and assembled in trains.

8. The engine driver’s work on the automatically controlled trains is to supervise that the equipment operates properly and to take over manual control in case of emergency.

9. The largest three-span arch bridge in Japan is called the Kobe Bridge. It spans the channel of 200 m wide.

10. Trains connecting cities can be divided into two groups - inter-city trains, which do not stop at small stations, and trains that serve all stations, usually known as local trains or ‘stoppers’.


Ex. 5. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. Some passenger trains, both long distance and local ones, may use double-deck cars … a) it isn’t economic to electrify a marshalling yard.
2. Network Rail is the company responsible for … b) the dispatcher ordered extra emus.
3. One of the longest suspension bridges in the world – Brooklyn Bridge … c) 16 cars designed to seat more than 1,000 passengers.
4. To cross the river, the trains have to take a ferry (парóм) because … d) to carry more passengers per train.
5. The Hikari is an electric multiple-unit train consisting of … e) in many other parts of the world.
6. If the track were not repaired and properly maintained, … f) spans the East River in New York City.
7. Diesel locomotives are usually used for shunting (маневровые работы) because … g) the bridge is under repair.  
8. Having received information about traffic condition on his division … h) maintaining and repairing all the railway tracks, signals and stations, etc. in Britain.
9. СTС (Centralized Traffic Control) enables the dispatcher … i) to control the switches and signals throughout the railway division.
10. In the US, traveling by long-distance trains is not so popular as … j) it would soon become so rough (неровный) that it would be dangerous for trains to run upon it.


Ex. 6. Complete the sentences with a required word from the list.

1. The Class 373 train is an ___ that operates high-speed rail service between Britain, France and Belgium via the Channel Tunnel. 2. A dispatcher has a diagram showing him the location of every train on the controlled ___. 3. Today, powerful computers are used to ___ the driverless trains in Great Britain. 4. The ___ have been cleared of snow by snow-cleaning machines. 5. In many countries, traditional ___ have disappeared entirely. 6. Some old bridges ___ the Neva had to be reconstructed to meet the modern traffic requirements. 7. It is possible to control the ___ from either end. 8. A modern railway ___, in which trains are assembled and disassembled, may be as much as 1/2 by 5 miles (1 by 8 km). 9. This emu is to be back in service after ___. 10. ___ Russian Railways is one of the largest transport companies in the world providing passenger services to 17 European and Asian countries. a) division b) emu c) joint stock company d) long-distance trains e) main-line tracks f) marshalling yard g) multiple-unit trains h) repair i) spanning j) supervise


Ex. 7. Match the words and phrases in column A with their Russian equivalents in column B.

1. annually a) фирменный поезд
2. to be among b) очень важный
3. matter of national importance c) знаменитый, известный
4. named train d) пускать в эксплуатацию
5. on the one hand,… on the other hand e) относиться к числу
6. operating length f) дело государственной важности
7. outstanding g) эксплуатационная длина
8. to put into operation h) особое значение
9. special importance i) принимать решение
10. vital j) своевременно
11. to take a decision k) ежегодно
12. timely l) с одной стороны, с другой стороны


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