Ex. 7. Match the words and phrases in column A with their Russian equivalents in column B. — КиберПедия 

Организация стока поверхностных вод: Наибольшее количество влаги на земном шаре испаряется с поверхности морей и океанов (88‰)...

Папиллярные узоры пальцев рук - маркер спортивных способностей: дерматоглифические признаки формируются на 3-5 месяце беременности, не изменяются в течение жизни...

Ex. 7. Match the words and phrases in column A with their Russian equivalents in column B.

1. test run a) грузовые перевозки
2. busy railway b) пассажир (регулярно совершающий поездки из пригорода в город и обратно; обычно на работу)
3. as a whole c) часть, доля
4. remote d) испытательный пробег
5. trunk line e) железная дорога с интенсивным движением, загруженная железная дорога
6. proportion f) крупный город с пригородами
7. commuter g) удаленный, отдаленный, расположенный на расстоянии
8. metropolitan area h) в целом
9. freight services i) магистраль


Ex. 8. Read the sentences and translate them.

1. China is planning to build six more trunk lines and several branch lines to connect Tibet with other parts of China by 2020.

2. More than 4,000 commuter trains a day are running on the Russian Railways network; 1069 of them, in Moscow metropolitan area.

3. Thanks to the invention of the radio, it became possible to communicate with the remotest parts of the world.

4. The proportion of containerized freight carried by the Queensland Railway (Australia) has increased from 50% to about 80% during the past five years and is expected to reach 100% by the end of this year.

5. The first steam locomotive to run in the US, the English-built Stourbridge Lion, made a test run in Pennsylvania in 1829.

6. Built in the 1840s, the West Coast Main Line has developed into the UK’s busiest mixed traffic railway (responsible for 43% of Britain’s freight services) and is recognized as a leading European rail artery.

7. As a whole, the local trains of Denver’s railway network transport 1 million commuters a day but demand (спрос, потребность) is three times that number.

8. The project of the Helsinki-St.Petersburg railway reconstruction envisages (предусматривать) track modernization and installation of the safety and remote control systems.

9. The aim of the new law is to reduce the proportion of road accidents caused by drunk drivers.

10. This trunk line is being upgraded to carry heavier volumes of freight and passenger services.


Ex. 9. Read the sentences, replacing the Russian words and phrases with their English equivalents.

1. The construction of the new магистраль will be of great benefit to the region в целом.

2. In Izmir (Turkey), tourists transfer from the train to a 70-foot yacht that sails along the coast, anchoring at удалённый bays and villages.

3. A lone пассажир was waiting for a train late at night.

4. Some workers can only afford homes outside крупные города с пригородами.

5. The Japanese railways are known for the accuracy with which trains are operated on its загруженные линии.

6. The generator failed three times during испытательный пробег of the new locomotive.

7. In Australia, a considerable часть of all грузоперевозки is carried out by double-headed trains and each train consists of 80 wagons.

8. In Spain, double-deck trains are used within several крупные города с пригородами to carry more пассажиры.


Ex. 10. (A) Look up the following adverbs in a dictionary.


approximately frequently literally nearly originally previously slowly widely


(B) Read the sentences and translate them.

1. In the past, the word ‘engineer’ literally meant ‘a designer of engines’.

2. The journey took approximately seven hours.

3. Work on the new railroad is progressing slowly.

4. Buses run frequently between the city and the airport.

5. The island was originally circular in shape.

6. They build roads into previously remote areas.

7. Reinforced concrete (железобетон) and steel are widely used now for the construction of modern bridges.

8. Nearly all goods traffic went by train.


(C) Complete the sentences with a required adverb.

1. Industrial robots perform tasks that were ___ done by human operators.

2. ___ we had planned a tour of Italy, but then we won the trip to Greece.

3. Passengers complain that trains are ___ delayed.

4. The airplane will be landing in ___ 20 minutes.

5. The Olympic Games were watched by ___ billions of people.

6. ___ all the passengers got off the train at the previous station.

7. New plastic and synthetic materials are ___ used for the interior and exterior finishing of carriages.

8. Can you speak more ___? I can’t understand what you're saying.

9. ___, we had planned a tour of Scotland but we didn’t go in the end.

10. The name of the cheese is Dolcelatte, ___ meaning ‘sweet milk’.


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