Ex. 14. Complete the sentences with a required Participle I from the list. — КиберПедия

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Ex. 14. Complete the sentences with a required Participle I from the list.

1. Our country has several locomotive building works ___ all types of locos. 2. Carriage wheels, ___ over rail joints (стык), produce the familiar “click-etty-click” sound. 3. At each station of the London Underground, there are large electric diagrams ___ the routes of trains. 4. When ___ the underground line in Rome, the builders found ancient ruins and statues. 5. Indian Railways has designed and built a prototype double-deck car ___ seats for 148 passengers. 6. The Paris-Lyon route ___ two large industrial areas is one of the most important mainlines in France. 7. ___ the Minnesota railroad in 1878, James Hill extended it north to the Canadian border and west to the Pacific coast. 8. At the large railway stations, information about the ___ and ___ trains is announced over public address system. 9. While ___ the new loco, the experts saw that there was something wrong with the engine. 10. In 1786, William Murdock, an English engineer, constructed a ___ model of a small steam locomotive. 11. They spent the whole day, ___ the equipment. 12. Don’t forget to oil the ___ parts of the machine regularly. a) arriving b) connecting c) constructing d) departing e) having f) having bought g) moving h) packing i) passing j) producing k) showing l) testing m) working  


Ex. 15. Read the sentences, replacing the Russian words with their English equivalents. The verbs given below may be helpful to you.

1. Ожидая for the train arrival, I looked through the magazines лежащиеon the table.

2. Получив the telegram, she immediately left for Glasgow.

3. The volume of passenger transportation is increased in summer because many people spend their holidays, путешествуя all over the country or abroad.

4. The trip on the "Rossiya" passenger train from Moscow to Nakhodka, включаяa compulsory overnight stay in Khabarovsk, takes about eight days.

5. Сдав our suitcases in the left-luggage office, we went to have a snack.

6. People которые живут near railroad tracks often get so used to the sounds of проходящие trains that that they rarely notice the noise.

7. После того, как были проведены испытания the new locomotive, the engineers recommended it for series production.

8. German Rail and Swiss Federal Railways have agreed to increase the number of passenger trains курсирующийbetween the two countries.

9. Измеривthe distance between two points, we can calculate the time a train can cover it, if we know the train’s average speed.

10. The first Metro trains were powered by steam locomotives, which burnt coal, заполняяthe tunnels with smoke.

11. Tickets for trains которые отправляются from Shanghai go on sale nine days before the departure day.

12. Используя aluminum instead of steel, the designers decreased the car weight.

13. Двигаясь at a speed of 160 km/h, the Metroliner express trains make three-hour trips between New York City and Washington daily.


to depart to fill to include to measure to move to lay to leave to live to operate to pass to receive to test to travel to use to wait


Ex. 16. Form Participle II from the verbs and translate the phrases.

· the distance to cover by the train · the tobreak engine · the tocarryout plan · train tickets tosell yesterday · the todamage car · freight totransport by railways · the to restore bridge · to increase volume of traffic · the contract tosign by two companies · luggage toleave in the left-luggage office · machinery to produce at our plant · the engine toinvent by R. Diesel · the tochoose profession · a car to develop by Japanese engineers · a railway to divide into sections · the topropose project

Ex 17. Translate the phrases into English.

· локомотив, приводимый в движение электричеством

· двигатель усовершенствованной конструкции

· железная дорога, предназначенная (to design) для высокоскоростных пассажирских перевозок

· застрахованный (to insure) автомобиль

· отремонтированный (to repair) участок пути

· цифры, упомянутые (to mention) в докладе

· полученный результат

· оборудование, установленное в лаборатории

· вокзал, реконструированный в прошлом году

· вагон, используемый для перевозки нефти

· новая станция метро, отделанная (to decorate) мрамором и бронзой

· машина, сконструированная молодым инженером

· билеты, купленные заранее

· учёные, приглашённые (to invite) на конференцию


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