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Degustation estimation of confectionery articles

The dishes: plate

The raw material: caramel 200 g., candy 200 g., chocolate 200 g.

To conduct the tasting of the represented confectionery articles: caramel, candies, chocolate. To give estimation to the quality of the formulation of articles and their packing, the correspondence to standards in appearance, to taste, to aroma, to color, to surface condition. To describe the discovered defects. Obtained results to give in the report.

Degustation estimation of the quality of caramel. The estimation of the quality of caramel is carried out by 30 to scale-number system. One should establish three levels of the quality: outstanding, good, satisfactory, in this case to express them in the marks. The scale of the degustation estimation of the quality of caramel is given in the table.


Table 7- Scale of the degustation estimation of the quality of the caramel

Qualitative indeves Marks Quality levels
outstanding good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Taste and the aroma Marked, that corresponds to this designation, without the outside aftertastes and the smells The simple tones. They correspond to designation, but they are expressed more weakly They are expressed still weaker, or unpleasantly is separated the aroma of the essence Are expressed weakly or sharply it is separated aroma essences. [Salistyy], rank taste. Fruit fillings with the aftertaste of [prigorelosti].
    15 marks 12 marks 11-9 marks  
Structure and the consistency Uniform thickness of the walls of caramel, filling and protective coating. Filling of normal consistency and painting. The not completely uniform thickness of filling and walls of caramel. Liquid or too thick a filling. Apple filling is brownish. Layer of filling and the wall thickness not uniform. The hollow welds. Tracks of filling on the surface. Apple filling is brown.
    6 marks 5 marks 4-3 mark  
Color and the exterior view The painting is uniform, is characteristic of this form. Figure is clear. The surface is dry, is not sticky, without the cracks, inflows, burrs. Glazed caramel shining. Not large cracks. Insufficient clarity of figure. Not significant is the radioscopy of housing from the header of caramel, glazed by the chocolate Deficiencies in the exterior view are expressed more, but in the accessible limits. Not uniform either very bright or very pale painting. Surface is sticky with the cracks, figure not clear.
    6 marks 5 marks 4-3 mark  
Form Correct, that corresponds to this article. Not significant deformation. Not more than by 3% mint and semi-expanded. Deficiencies in the form are more noticeable. Significant deformation, the misalignment of seam.
    3 marks 2 marks 1 mark  
all the marks   30 - 26 25 - 20 19 - 16 It is less 16

Control questions

1. Give organoleptic estimation of the fruit jellies.

2. What factor is characterized fastness of fruit jellies?

3. What products are main recipe components of chocolate?

4. What additives are used at fabrication of chocolate?

5. Which the classification of confectionery articles?

6. What requirements are imposed on the quality of caramel?

7. What defects are observed in the caramel?

8. Give requirements for the quality of chocolate.

9. What defects do have candies?



Laboratory work #10

Assessment of the quality of confectionery

Theoretical part

Flour confectionery articles. The meal confectionery articles include pastry sugar, protracted and rich, pancake coils biscuits and cracker (dry pastry), cakes, wafer, pastry, cakes, cakes, meat loaf and rum rams.


Pastryis the most common type of meal confectionery articles.

Requirements for the quality of pastry. Organoleptic indices: the form of pastry, figure, surface, color, taste and smell. In the fracture the pastry must be well baked through, evenly porous. The content of sugar and fat, and also humidity and dimensions of pastry depend on its form and type. Defects of the pastry: the pastry deformed, slightly burnt, half-baked, with the tracks of nepromesa, with the strangers by taste and the smell. The pastry with the defects is not allowed in sale. The pastry, which contains is more than 5% cracked copies, they carry to the scrap.

Cakes - these are meal confectionery articles to diverse form. On the size and the form cakes divide into small (round, oval and figured), long loaves (rectangular) and honey cakes (rectangular).

The requirements for the quality of cakes. Organoleptic indices: form, surface, color, taste and smell. Consistency: cakes must be soft, well baked through, not sticky, without the temper, without the not intervene clusters. Porosity must be uniform, without the voids; cakes with the filling can be less porous in the places, which border to the filling. Humidity of cakes 14,5%, and cakes with the filling also of honey cakes - 16%.

Wafers - light porous meal confectionery articles in the form of thin sheets or figurines with the cellular or corrugated surface.

Requirements for the quality of wafers. Organoleptic indices: form, color (they are not allowed spot and burnt, taste smelled fillings they must have uniform mass, without the grains and the clusters (cream and nut). The consistency of fillings must be easily melting, tender, and oily. The humidity of wafers with the filling of fruit-jelly must be from 4, 4- 8,4%, with the fruit filling to 15,3%, with praline filling 0,6- 2,2%.

Pastry and cakes are the high-calorie meal confectionery articles, which contain a large quantity of fat, sugar, the eggs mélange or only of sugar and eggs, diverse form, also, with the beautiful external finishing.

Requirements for the quality of pastry and cakes. Organoleptic indices: form, finishing, taste. Dough must be well baked through, not slightly burnt, without the tracks of nepromesa, the puff-pastry articles have to be of temper.

To give classification, characteristic of assortment and requirement for the quality of the meal confectionery articles: pastry, cakes, wafers, cakes and pastry in the form of table.



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